Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A new threat is lurking on Europe's civilizations.


Islam, an impending death on Europe.

Nowadays, due to an increasingly visible presence of Muslims, many European countries are suffering as the result of it. Consequently to this unchecked Muslims population growth, fueled by too permissive and sluggishness coming from immigration's laws, it has ultimately prompted many European citizens for action.

Many concerning voices have sounded warning bells of an upcoming doomsday. These voices are telling us, that the unrestricted growth of Islam should be a point of concern in Europe as well the rest of the free world. More specifically, these voices are telling us that Islam doctrine is incompatible and deeply contrasting with all the founding principles that guide a free and open societies, such as the Western democratic nations.

Are all these concerning voices based on illusionary and fanciful speculations, coming from delirious masses, or else?!? In this current sit
uation, Islam is gaining a overwhelming dominance in the old continent and it's threatening in a near future to eradicate anything in which European societies are based on.

What makes Islam differ from any other religion?

Islam more than a religion is a political, cultural, and a way of life, under the false pretense of a peaceful religion. Islam, because of its true nature has an inherent preposition to violence, submission and a special manner of intolerance toward those that are different or not conforming with the Koran's standards on living or worst, those that not belong to it.

Consequentially to all these happenings, there are a new breed in Europe of Christians fundamentalist which see Islam as a menace to Europe. These groups are neighborhood and far-right activists, asking if Muslims should live in Europe, and if Islam is a good religion or not. Sometimes even Christian leaders are joining the debate in how Islam should be completely integrated in Europe's tissues and if European societies will benefit from Islam. All these concerning people, are sounding off alarms, against Muslims as it became more clear that they would soon build mega mosques next their door. On the same issue, these groups are arguing whether these mega mosques are not just a threat to European cultures but together with their adjacent minarets, will they in addition disfigure the characteristics of the European's cities.

Not all the Muslims are the same.

I do believe, that there are good Muslims which firmly believe in our values, but mixed within their communities there are small sleepers groups ready to act when the right moment will raise, ready to overwhelm and pry on a decadent and feeble societies. These sleeper groups are, the radical factions of the Muslims communities. When, these radicals will get a firm stronghold in Europe, they finally will reveal their true intents....

The total submission and rebuke of all the democratic and Christian values.

When dealing with a deleterious Islam, been too politically correct can be a serious mistake, with which soon or latter we could regret it!!!

I want to thank very much those apostolic members, of the current political correctness that in the end, they are dooming our Western civilizations to a gloomy and early dismissal from mankind history.


Was Muhammad, a false prophet?

In conclusion, I want to emphasize a Muhammad's episode occurred before he became the prophet of God. Remember, Islam is built upon Muhammad's words and deeds.

I recall from reading a history book, of when Muhammad went to speak to a Jesus's apostle, (unfortunately I can't remember his name, it was so long ago. May be, I even mistakenly referring to a Jesus's apostle when in reality he was only a Christian. If anyone, has any knowledge about this specific episode, please let me know) asking him many questions about Christianity. This happened before Muhammad went for meditation into a cave, and afterwards he came out from it and self-proclaiming himself as the prophet of God. How then, can this man be a real prophet of God? I wonder, what revelations he had brought from God to the world, besides of self-appointing himself as a prophet. Oh yeah, he brought the "Koran", a bag full of mixed misconceptions and intolerance against different and the kafirs (it's an Islamic word for "infidels" or used in a derogatory term "rejecters"). Was Muhammad in reality, driven by greed and hatred? In Muhammad's personal life there were not actions of a true prophet of God. There were only actions of a man determined on doing his own will, and ultimately accomplish his own desires. Now, I'll let you draw the final concussion, was indeed Muhammad a real prophet?

If not, then the all Islam concept is truly based on a big lie.

"God willing"
We will survive Islam.

A wondering...Red.eVolution

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