Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muslim heads being stuck in the middle ages...

...and their deeply embedded culture of tendency towards denial for the truth and enlightenment.


The Middle East.

After an anonymous have left a comment on one of my posts: In response to: Why do Muslims hate the United States, I have decided to write this new post.

The following article, is in a way a follow up of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I had a similar accident when I was looking for the forum "Rise Of Pakistan" and I found your forum. Here are few of the points I want to make to try to open up your eyes.
Iam a pakistani muslim living in canada right now. Iam doing my engineering from a university in canada.
So Lets start now; shall we?
1)Before accusing islam of hatred and terrorism we would have to look at little back in the history and see why did all that happen.

We all know of Newton's third law........."Every action has a reaction".....
a)After the first world war the illegal occupation over muslim lands by UK and US
b)During the WWII phase the illegal and forceful occupation of palestine by zionists.

So according to your standards US and UK have all the licenses to carry out any aggression against the muslim world whenever they please to but muslims should not show any sign of agression and anger. If they do they are called terrorist......bravo my friend

Just few more questions:
1)US claims pakistan is an irresponsible state and their nuclear weapons should be taken away becoz..........But unfortunately if we see in the history US is the only country who has used atomic bomb against any other country. Ooopppsss.....now who's irresposible here......
2)US talks about pakistan selling off nuclear technology to other countries........but if we look back a little, during the WWII only US had the nuclear technology....how did it come out of US at first place......Oooppsss.....US sold it to make money
3)Who has given right to US to invade Iraq and afghanistan......They said they invaded iraq coz iraq has weapons of mass destruction.....they didnt find any there......Oopppsss US president is a lier
They also claimed they are going after Osama Bin Laden in afghanistan.......but Osama has died even before 1995 ......Oopppss US military darama exposed......
4)Just because US and UK control the resources of the world and they have strong propaganda.......they cant control the world for ever.......evil deeds end in misery....so thats gonna happen one day.....unless people in US and UK(which I strongly believe are educated and most of them still have concious)stop this nuisance created by these mean freaks like BUSH and Blair company........leeches like Dick Cheneey have to be stopped.

I hope now you understand why that lady in pakistan was saying......“They feel they can basically come in, use as they please, and then..."
She was reffering to the fact that who has given license to US and Israel and UK to carry out all the agression agasint muslim still being innocent..........
Remember one thing.......this agression can go on for centuries .....but the Newtons law will apply always......No matter how much you try to cover up the reality and mould the things and present them in different way to world....the muslim agression wud stop the day agression against them is stopped. This all was not started by muslims.......
5)Last of all......have u heard ur dear president using the word Crusades for this so-called ...."War On terrorism".....why

I hope you better understand the reason of muslims behaviour in present world........stop the agression against them and their agression wud stop too.........Newtons law simple...is it?

I'll try to answer to you (dear anonymous), by going point to point to your comment:

First: the tirade over the Palestinian land occupied by the Zionists and all the blah, blah, blah..... (I have heard it so many times, already. Any time there is an Arab/Muslim crisis in any part of the world: is because of the Jews, or the UK, or the Americans).
Instead, try to explain to me of the nowadays Muslims' (violent) demands with its legacy of hundred thousands death of innocents victims of terrorism all over the world.

I want to add that at first, I was sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinian, but then, when many Islamic radicals turned the Palestinians' cause (among many other excuses) to a justification for an ugly fight between Western cultures and Muslim cultures, or a fight between Jews/Christians and the Arabs/Muslims (and I won't mention here the Hindus-Muslims' many carnages - see the latest on the Mumbai attack).

Lets put it this way:

If Muslims would have had the possibility to colonize the entire European continent (or worst the entire world), don't you think that they would have done it by now. Look at the history, and you'll see that all the Muslims conquests on the European continent (or for the mere fact in any other part of the world) were not less aggressive, ruthless, or (as you said) illegal than any other European colonizing nation of the Middle East afterward. Seem to me that the aggression and overpower of humans on another humans are something deeply encoded in the human genes.

And what standards are you talking about? My only standards are the good and the freewill of the people. Any people living on this rock, called planet earth!

What I wanted to single out on my blog were: the acts of cowardly terrorism on innocents and the motivations which are deeply embedded in minds and souls of some of the Allah's followers.

Don't you think by now, that there is something really wrong with some Muslims and Islam itself.

The fighting methods of the Muslim Jihadists is against any human decency. To fight something wrong we don't need to make it worst by doing something bad...meaning if you want some justice for the Palestinians' cause, or for any other presupposed injustice toward Muslims do it in more civilized ways and not by bombing innocent lives.

Regarding the rest of your questions: they sound to me pretentious ways to spur more contentious debates on if.... and for this reason I won't even bother to answer them.

Anyway, now do I understand the reason of Muslims behavior and the Newtons law, but do you understand the fears of the innocents been blow up by the bombs of those fanatic Islamists?

....and the reasoning behind the whys and wherefores of the radicalized Muslim minorities which have unleashed a reign of terror, and all of it is done in the name of Islam and its prophet Allah.

By stopping the aggression against the Muslims people committed by the Western world, some Muslim Apologists (like yourself dear anonymous) are legitimizing the killing of innocent people.

And besides, you are still missing the point of my related blog's posts on: Muslims being stuck in the past, of when the poor Muslims nations were under some kind of European domination.

You as many other Muslims, are still looking for scapegoats to their misfortunes.

You should stop whining and stop living in the past. Try to gain some mental and physical forces, to build better Muslim nations and better relations with the rest of the world.

And for once, let all together forget about the religion components which has and will do more harm than good, for the sake of the entire mankind.

P.S. And yes, I was against the war in Iraq and the Bush's excuse to invade it.


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Anonymous said...

With the whole due respect, your information about Islam and Muslims is wrong, as Muslims did never, ever killed small kids or slaughter pregnant women and steal other people land.

(I know you didn't say it but I'm just making a statement)

Moreover, when they reach Europe they introduce morality, righteousness, dignity and Islam as a whole complete way of life which ensure security and safety for everyone even if that person has different beliefs, and they never killed an unarmed people!!!!

Also, Islam existed to rule whether it suits our desires or not and it will never be affected by the huge media attack on Jihad and Muslims world as a whole it's like they have some kind of allergy from the word Islam or JIHAD!

Nevertheless, because of the reasons that you already know and that is, the religion of Islam is the only religion which is acceptable by Allah or God.(if you believe in any or the notion of 'God' )

However,as you know the Qura'an is the final holy book as the prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of my and your creator and since Islam recognise all the previous religions which either has been altered or its incomplete.

And yes, I know that you are thinking now that I'm imposing my own way of thinking on you or trying to force my thoughts on your way of thinking and living your life, but I'm not or more correctly I can't do it, even if I can do it I don't want to do it.

Anyway, I totally agree with the systems that Islam have, it is better than democracy of the 'holy land of freedom' LOooOOoOL
which by the way, as you perhaps know that democracy has been used as a nice mask to oppress people, steal people resources and land, control people, killing innocents(Iraq and Palestine and many more.....!)

Democracy as a system is making people only consumers THAT CAN EVEN CONSUME THEM SELVES Proof?!(jade goody)case, WoOoOOoW what a great people the western people are what a great sense of humanity they enjoy and preach to other nations!? Is that the democracy that everyone talking about? Is that what democracy teach?!!

Finally, I wish that democracy fall faster than just the economic part of it, and people return back to their purpose of life!!

And why the people of DEMOCRACY always impose DEMOCRACY where ever they go, isn't that breach of their divine perfect holy principles?!!

Note: I'm not talking to you i.e. the owner of this page but I'm talking to the kind of this' democratic' mentality so please don't think for one fraction of the second that I'm talking to you directly. It wasn't meant to be an emotional nor offensive letter, my intentions was to convey a bit of what the oppressed people feels, it's about simple principles that everyone agree on even a killer, or a terrorist!

Many Thanks
Not a terrorist nor an
extremiest democratic person

Anonymous said...

Where is the other people comments??!!

Red.eVolution said...

I checked my statcounter at the time you posted this comment and guess what, I found out where you live.

You are living in the US. That's really weird for someone which doesn't believe in democracy.

What are you doing in a Western nation if you don't like it. You better go back to your country if you don't believe into the Wester values.

You are just an hypocrite!

eddy rivera said...

wow bravo anonymos youve failed to see the point again you must be a muslim yourself you take anything anyone says and turn it back ill explain in a moment lets hope you can stick to the point.

qouted from anonymous ( scared to reveale self)
With the whole due respect, your information about Islam and Muslims is wrong, as Muslims did never, ever killed small kids or slaughter pregnant women and steal other people land.

Correct me if im wrong but isnt islam and muslims always killing and tortoreing there own people just look at the recent news A WOMAN WAS KILLED DURING A PROTEST . SHE WAS PROTESTING ALONG WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHERS WHO WERE TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THERE LIVES BY PROTESTING AN ELECTION THAT THERE OWN PEOPLE DID NOT AGREE WITH NOT AMERICA THE TRUE MUSLIM OR ISLAMIC WAY IS FOR PEACE THEN WHY THEY KILL THERE OWN PEOPLE FOR PROTEST THAT CAN CHANGE OF THERE WAY OF LIVING FOR THE GOOD THERE OWN I DONT AGREE AT ALL THAT ALL MUSLIMS HATE USBUT YOU ANONYMOUS ARE CONDONING THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE NOT OF AMERICAN LIVES BUT THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE Hated in this lonely world and want to bring change you are the reason why we cannot live in peace because of extremeist such as yourself yes i said extremeist anyone that can condone hatred and can justify there reasons for killing isnstead of finding a way to coexist is an extremeist you pathetic ignorant child of hatred are the part of the evil true muslims hate
you keep the world in sin with your hatefull thoughts and your views you are just as bad as any terrorist.

true muslims preach tolerence and peace you talk about democracy as a bad thing but but the leaders dont follow what they believe in eitheri used to hated muslims but after the recent protest and the woman named neda soltan if you are brave and are as cruel as i think you are then you can look at this video of her dying and tell me that we are the evil ones!!!


with that i end this but i would like to have a 1 min moment of silence for neda and anyone in this world who has had an atrocity done to them just for trying to make a change or spread peace \ bye

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