Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some thinking on Europe's debt crisis


This one I think, may be a provocative one...

Not being a politician or an expert of any sort in the matter of managing Europe's affairs, my reasoning will be somewhat more of a rough and crude thought, about the status of deep crisis that is gripping the European economy.

Having said all this in advance, now I will proceed with my illogical ways of thinking.

The current European crisis may be the result of a hidden agenda. And the driving force behind this agenda is the insatiable greed of a few rich and powerful over the masses. I do believe that this crisis was deliberately wanted and orchestrated, to create ideal conditions for later being able to conduce the European union and its whole economy on the same route of the capitalistic American model.

Practicing capitalism American style on the European nations will never work, and for sure will be the death of capitalism.

Big corporations, oligarchs and capitalism, go well hand in hand

European are jealous of their lifestyle, and the resulting values acquired after centuries of struggle to obtain more dignity in the workplace. They will fiercely defend what they have achieved and will not let egoistic big corporations and sold politicians, can dictate their lives in the name of capitalism.

If this occult maneuvering will ever succeed, then one of my cardinal convictions is that European Union will not be run as a democracy anymore, but more like of an oligarchy. Indeed, the fate of the European economy will be left on the hands of a few power-hungry oligarchs.

The minimum wages and reduced unions power, are their main targets

The relocating of large factories in the third-world countries due to low wages, is not working anymore. Now corporations want to impose new rules to facilitate their factories return. Of course, big corporations influence over policy of national interests can be easily redirected in their favor with the help of some complaisant politicians.

A couple of priorities in that hidden agenda in which I mentioned at the beginning:

  • First priority - Reducing the European wages to a minimum to get closer to the capitalistic American model.
  • Second priority - Giving more power to employers to fire workers on the spot, without any possible (or at least some diminished) intervention from unions.

Of course with this kind of priorities put on place, national economies will grow faster, but simply because the big companies will be the single ones profiting by cutting salaries together with the power of easily dismissing, at the only expense of workers.

To add to the equation, there is even more bad news. Now with the excuse of some European state being in financial crises, some experts to combat government debts due to excess government spending, have come out with the idea of implementing some severe austerity measures. Doing so, hitting even more severely the middle classes.

Some final thoughts - Days of reckoning

The line of rigor imposed by the global and European markets (at the expense of ordinary citizens), to be able to balance the negative national budgets, created as a result to a mixture of financial speculations, bad managements, greedy big corporations and by corrupted banking systems.

And yes, even banks are taking their share in this game of "arraffamento" - (grab all). People are generally fed up with how wealth is distributed across the different layers of society. Rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer. I'm not predicting a specific event in the future, but the "occupy movements" taking place in Europe protesting against the banks, capitalism, and the austerity policy of the European Union could be a sign of times to come?


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