Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Starting a new blog 2.


Why in the hell I decided to start a blog of my own,
I don't know what to post ,what to say. Maybe, it was a mistake.
I checked many other blogs today some,were very nice blogs,
some,not that nice but,all of them had something to say or,show.
I,with simplicity started my blog with this title.

=My window in the world=

But what this title implies?
Means many things.
A point of view of my perspective "on this world" or,
a window in my own,personal world,meant as interior or,
may be a window were I can debate and express comments,
with many other peoples,ideas,concepts or,events of the current day....

May be the title I gave to my blog it's a bit too demanding.
I should had it simplified, made more easy as title not,this complicated.
A simple title wouldn't been more, easy in starting a personal blog!!!

May be?

Don't know what to, post what to,say...
no,it's not that,in fact I do have many things to say about,this =My window in the world=
usually I do know how to express thoughts about things of,
my personal life or,daily happenings but,
in this case it's something different because,
the title I gave to this blog.
Today after some thinking,I came out with some answers.
This blog would be a mix of things based in daily events taken from every source,
like TV,radio,newspapers or,events in my daily personal life.
Would be a personal "daily diary" where,
I can space in any direction I feel with not, boundaries whatsoever.
After all it's my point of view.

That's already a start....

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Rose DesRochers said...

My window in the world can mean your perspective on things. Just write. Don't worry about who may be reading it.


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