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Chilon of Sparta.


Chilon of Sparta, nearly legendary character, legislator and spartan reformer from the VI century B.C.
To him comes attributed an important part in the constitution of the city "Sparta", by means of the strengthening of the institutions and the increase of the power of the ephories (magistrates of Sparta), of which he was part.
The fellow citizens made of him a hero, and they elevated for him a small temple, as it was a God.
Chilon thought that the principle virtue' of the man, was the precaution.
When asked which were the three more difficult things in the human life, he answered: "to maintain a secret, to forget the ingiurie and to make use profitable of the free time".
Among the most known aphorisms to him attributes is remembered: "Know yourself" and "Never exceed".
The tradition wants, that Chilon died of joy to the announcement of the victory brought back from he's son, in the 56th Olympic games. (556 B.C).

The city of Sparta, has a dark history until the VI century B.C.
According the legend Sparta, would have been founded from Lacedemone, son of Zeus, and it would have been reigned by the mythical Menelaus, husband of Helen,and that according to Homer, Helen would have been the cause of the Trojan War.
The inhabitants of Sparta, known in it's past history been strict, austere and rigorous people, with reference to the sobriety' of life and the firmness of the customs.
The activity' of the Spartans, consisted exclusively in the military education, for this reason the young people, had to be averse from every shape of luxuries, or of softness, so that the term "spartan" stands exactly for austere and military.
Of the ancient city, the only remains left are, the walls and the Acropolis.

I wrote this topic, when I was very young for a school exam.
I know many of you won't be interested about history topics, but I decided to post it here anyway.

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