Friday, November 9, 2007

Lycanthropy, werewolf.


Let me tell you a real story.

This post would not be like my prior posts. It will be something different, related more to Halloween story genre, after all as i said once I'll be posting on different topics, spacing in any direction with no limits. What I'm going to write down today it's a real story. A story that happened many, many years ago, of when I was very young, may be I was 10, 11 or may be 12 years old, I really not remember how old I was, anyway let me start telling you the story.

Still this day, I struggle to believe that this story really happened. This story happened when I was living in Italy (yes I'm Italian), about 20 years ago, it was summertime (one of those splendid Italian summer days) during the night while I was sleeping, I woke up abruptly from a deep sleep, hearing loud noises in the back of my head, sweating and shaking in fear, took me a couple minutes to realize why. Crying, grumbling loud sounds were coming from outside my open window, to scare to look outside I start crying for my mother, when my mom rushed in my room, her appearance did reassure me a bit but, still I was hearing those noises coming from outside. My mother told me while she was closing the window, that was nothing and told me to go back to sleep, but I can tell you from her eyes she was scared too.

After 15 may be 20 minutes of struggling, I felt asleep with my mom at my bed side. I don't need to tell you, that my sleep that night was populated with horrible monsters.

The day after, when I went outside to mangle with my friends, a warm solar summer day welcomed me. While I was approaching them, they were already animatedly conversing about last night event. I wasn't the only one who heard those freaking noise the night before and, that thought of seeing them talking about it, calmed my fears down.

Been too young my friends, starting adding facts that weren't true, imagining and contorting that night event. One of my friends was telling us that he saw that thing and it was half human, and half wolf like creature. Someone else added at the story, that the creature had claws. It could run very fast, but because of it's claws, it couldn't climb stairs, but as I said we were young and we were adding things from our fervid imaginations. Another of my friend tried to explain to us why this thing, this creature was impaired from climbing stairs. He told us that because it's claws were to long and to sharpened, it felt pain while trying to claim stairs. One more of my friend finally added that it was howling at the moon.

I was the only one who wasn't able to add anything to the story because, I was too afraid that night to glance outside my window. So I promised myself that I wouldn't let my fears take over my curiosity if, in the event it will occur again.

Fate pleased me, with the following 3/4 nights of terror. Finally in the 3rd night I gather my courage and I looked outside (through a very tidy opening in my window shades). What I saw was, a man crouching like he was in pain, sometime moving unsteadily, sometime running, sometime stopping and dropping on the floor, some other time crying out at the moon but, he had not claws or any resemblances whatsoever to a wolf like creature.

The weirdest thing was that, there was a moon, a big full moon. That night, I even saw this sick man chasing out a passerby who was fleeing in terror at his sight, in my mind I was yelling him to rush to the nearby stairs. They were running like crazy, I bet that man that night, for sure was beaten all 100 meters records.

Finally at 4th night, something happened which put an abruptly stop to the man nightly activity, while I was watching this man from behind my window, I heard sirens. Was the police, chasing down this man, at first they were chasing him by car than, by foot. I can tell you even the cops were scared by this man acting crazy and, at some point I heard two loud shots. They shot the man down, and now he was laying down motionless, like dead. After all the commotion a few minutes latter, I heard an other siren approaching really fast to the scene, it was an ambulance which took the man to a hospital.

The day after the event was in all the city newspaper, with all the nightly shooting details, and psychiatric comments from specialists, telling that this man was suffering from a rare decease which, was categorized as lycanthropy, a delusional mental state, which altered his personality. The same day I found out with my friends that, this man was still alive in an hospital and latter, even who was this man. I knew this man very well, he's name was Joseph (Giuseppe), my friends and I, after all this happenings we, started to name him, Joseph the werewolf.

A month passed by, and guess what one day while i was playing a soccer game with my friends, an old fragile figure approached us. We recognized him soon, he looked very sick, worn out he was, Joseph the werewolf. He wasn't looking that scary that day at the contrary he was looking harmless, I felt pity for him. He started telling us what had happened to him, that he got sick and got hospitalized and that he was taking a lots medicine.

Of course, he didn't tell us the real reason he was hospitalised, he kept telling us about his life, that he had a wife once, which died two years before, and how he felt after his wife death. While he was talking, in my mind I was asking why he was telling us his life, may be was looking for some compassion, may be he felt alone and in need for someone to pay attention to him or, may be in his mind, he was trying to explain his nightly wanderings.

Joseph "the werewolf" died a year later. He lived the last year of his life alone no one ever come to see him, I never find out even if he had any relatives. When I saw the funeral car taking him to the cemetery, nobody was accompanying his last trip. Than and only than, I felt some compassion for this man which lived last few years of his life, alone.

May god had mercy for his soul.

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Anonymous said...

This story gives me the creeps!!!!
But I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This story gives me the creeps!!! But I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

scary but nice story i wish u have more story like that keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

this story is really creepy but interesting...i always asked myself if there really were such things..this gave me a good idea about werewolfs.i kind of figured it was all mental and it didnt really look like a wolf.i like the storys..
keep up the good work
posted by(Dominick)

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