Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A reflexion in human contact.


Seated in front of my PC screen, something inside me, start screaming "wtf I'm doing seated here all alone."
I need to get up, and get some fresh air, and re-think about human contact, instead of consuming my eyesight in front of a PC's screen.
I do believe many of us have lost the meaning of human contact!
We are living our lives in a fictitious world, sharing our thoughts with the world, while staring at a screen, interacting with it like it was a real participant.
Something is really wrong.
This modern age, which allow us to communicate through these kind of apparatus, are keeping us in reality in a more isolated environment, rather than interacting with our similar?
We should all get out and mingle, make friends, talk to each others, and have more fun outside in the real world.
I'm afraid in a short time our lives would be totally mutated in a unrecognizable way, of standard living.
We live, breath, dream, play, formulate thoughts, and more through our computers.
Our PCs will began our bible, our only guide, our only believe, our only way to exist, our only purpose on living?
I firmly believe in our near future, we'll even start making love with it.
Ops, we are already doing that, how many of us have been in a porn site.

In conclusion, this reality, this new world really sucks, computer's are entrapping us, in a confined space, our rooms.
What dark thoughts, I really need to check my brain with a psychologist.

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Anonymous said...

nice blog i really like it.
stuffed with good topics.
keep it up.
good luck.

Cindy Breninger said...

I agree. It is weird that I can talk with people all over the world on my computer, but never meet them or see another person for an entire day...Weird! :)

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