Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Roman Empire versus a modern Empire - The United States of America


The Roman Empire reached its greatest extent in the year 116.

The Roman Empire was, the first super power in the ancient world,

like the Chinese civilization, were both the earliest centers of human civilization.
Rome was also the only empire in history ancient times which, even though lost some battles, was never defeated in a war.
The Roman Empire went into decline in the 5th century AD., in it's 12-century existence, influenced most of the known world of that time.
The Romans created a civilization that has shaped subsequent world history for 2.000 years.

The remains of vast building projects, including roads and bridges, enormous baths and aqueducts, temples and theaters, as well as entire towns in the North African desert, still mark Rome's former dominion.
Cities throughout Western Europe stand on Roman foundations.

In modern days, a nation which come close to the Roman Empire it's the United States of America.
You can say the United States are not a real empire but, a democracy.
If you look at it in a different angle, may be you can see some similarities with the Roman Empire.

The United States have a hegemony in the world economy, in a sort of speaking they are an economic empire.
Like Rome, today the United States influences all the world.

The United States are perceived by many as the dominant economic, political, cultural, and military force in the world.
The United States economic stronghold in the world, today it's menaced by a growing Chinese influence and to survive in this new world , they need to adapt, to change at this new events.

All the empires or civilizations in the human history had not,lasted that long as the Roman Empire.

The United States as such it's not that old as the Roman Empire, but at a certain point in time, all these civilizations had ended.
Like the Roman Empire, the United States will too

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sallyboy said...

the story of the roman empire had all of details about the roman n very intersting.

Anonymous said...

very nice site keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

this website need to give people more information n less pictures

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks for your comment, but if you have noticed that post is an old post from when I started blogging. Since then, a lot has changed and will change.

BTW. I don't blog anymore on this topic. If you check this blog, you would see that the blog's topics differ from when I started it.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with RED, it is totally different from what i had assumed. this is not helping me at all for my history exams.
just write about romans and not how the US.. is modern day rome..

Peter Rome said...

A good and a really informative post.Thanks a lot for publishing!

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