Monday, November 12, 2007

The thing


My blog it's not a horror story blog, but because many of my visitors liked the werewolf story, I will post one more of these story.

An imaginative young mind.

Needless to say, what I'm going to write it's not a fictional story, but a real one. At least in my young mind it was. Indeed this also happened, when I was a little kid (I don't know why, but the weirdest things happens when we are young). It's something that I had kept for myself and never told to anyone, because sounded coming from a nutcase brain. Even today, when I think at it I get chills on my spine.

All started when I was 12 may be 13 years old, one night while I was asleep, I woke up feeling a presence in my bed. I couldn't see anything around me, but I felt something was with me in my bed. I thought, it was just my imagination so i tried to fall asleep again. Minutes pass by, but I wasn't getting any sleep. When I started to feel again the presence of something in my bed.

This time I felted it much stronger, and with my hand I scouted all around to see anything was there. Nothing! A second latter, my feet felt for a brief moment something cold, a couple more seconds passed by when distinctively I sensed something was moving near my feet. I scanned with my feet's tips my bed end and again I felt something.

That presence was more distinct this time, at my feet touch it was like jelly sensation. I got up in a seating position on my bed, and I saw that something was really there, wasn't just my imagination. My room was dark, illuminated with some feeble lights getting from outside my city through the window, I could see hardly, there was a small "half ball size" like, object at the bed end, when it moved instantly toward me, in that moment I got panicky and started screaming while springing in a standing position on my bead, than jumping out from it reaching out the wall light switch.

Now with the lights on, I was trembling and shaking like a leaf in the wind while looking toward my bed, that's when in the same time my parents rushed in. My parents asked why I was screaming, "something it's in my bed" I screamed, my father, "are you crazy there is nothing in your bed", "please" I replay "check my bed" "you see nothing in here" while he was removing my blanket and checking all the bed around, "nothing in here, now go to bed and try to get some sleep" he was telling me while was leaving the room. I started checking under and around my bed frantically, looking for the thing hidden in some place.

My mother, was still standing near the door than came closer, and helped me in the bed while were fixing the blanket she said, "your not to be afraid, was just your mind that were imagining things",while she was caressing my hair. That was not much of a comfort, so I asked her to stay with me, because I was too afraid to fall asleep, "OK" she replay "I stay a few minutes!".

After half of a hour she was leaving, but telling me she was going to leave the lights on. Of course I couldn't sleep even with the lights on, only with the morning first light, I could finally fall at sleep.

The day after I completely forgot the nightly event when was time again to go to bed, I had no problem to fall asleep. My was a deep sleep, but once again during that night I woke up felling that creepy thing was there once again. I started praying, asking god to make the thing go away, while all in a sudden that thing moved between my left flank and my arm. Instinctively I jerked it with a violent blow, and angrily I shouted at it " go away live me alone, I'm not afraid of you".

My reaction was dictated by an instinct for survival? I don't know how, but my fear transformed in an unstoppable rage towards that thing, then I sprinted to switch the lights on, and looked for the thing, this time challenging it to show up, while telling it, I can die but i wasn't afraid anymore.

I couldn't see anything moving in my room, so I went to check the bed all around, I moved the blanked, than the pillow even I removed completely the sheets, finally pushed away the bed from it' place. Nothing, anywhere I looked...nothing. Feeling more courage, I fixed the bed and went to sleep, this time I was ready if the thing showed up again to confront it. Struggling after some time I felt to sleep again, till the day after without anymore wake ups.

The following night something new happened and I wasn't afraid at all this time. I awoke feeling this time a new presence, something/someone that I knew, something which made me feel safe, like there was nothing to worry. I looked around, and impressed on the door I saw a human form like, emitting a fluorescent light across my room. The light was continuously changing, but in the same time keeping the human form appearance, emanating from the light there was something assuring not worrisome. Then, I got up and seated on my bed.

I was in a dream like moment, frantically rubbing my eyes and see the light was really there, or was a fruit of my imagination. It still was there, I felt it's presence was real. When I went to check the light which was impressed on the door, it disappeared. I went to sleep again without much fears anymore.

Some time later my mother came in my room, I don't know if I was still sleeping when I woke up, or I was already wake. She told me, that her and my father were going to my grand father house, because my grand father that night died. That was a real shock to me, now I realized that light which I felt to know was.... my grandpa. I don't know till these day, what relation if any, my grand father death had anything to do with that thing, and most importantly if really happened, or was my mind generating that event.

I guess, I'll never find out.

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Anonymous said...

thats crazy...is that realy a true story....i would b scared shitless...lol

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