Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why I'm blogging?


Today I woke up thinking of what to post, then I thought why I'm blogging?
Some time I think it's all a waste of my time, blogging it's just taking time of my daily life with no much in return.
I'll try to explain it: blogging it's not like painting, or sculpturing or anything like it.
When time will come to departure from this world, a part of you, a trace of whatever you have done in the day to day life, will be left behind.
You can say a small part of you will keep living on, even after you are gone, but with blogging?
Blogging wouldn't live any mark in this world, because it lives in a fictitious environment.
It's not like writing a book, but thoughts, words scattered in the cyberspace.
What you are getting from blogging, if you are lucky, some monetary rewards and a temporary satisfaction...but in the end, nothing will be left of you.
It's my, a bitter consideration?
May be, it is.

What is blogging?

Blogging should be a dairy of your daily grumbling, not of your daily blatancy.
It should be a personal experience, so why show it to the world?
A need to be distinct, to differ from the others, to emerge from the pack, to be visible on this apathetic world.
One thing for sure, you wouldn't get rich from it.
In reality, blogging "in the web" it's not an exact science, anything goes with it.
In my guest for an inspiration for my personal blog, I have seen all sort of blogs.
All of them were different in their appearances, but most were with similarities in their content, and some of them with unique contents.
Most were not that great, and few were really good, but all with a goal in mind....
tell something to the world.

Why in the hell, should the world be interested in my blog?

The world has not interest in reading my blog!
That's when you start filling it with crap, in hope to make more appealing to others, in a attempt to enforce them to read your blog.
This sound a little pathetic?
Yep, it does.
Probably, I will alienate some of you "fanatic" bloggers, but in the end I searching for a real meaning of all this, if any?
Searching for an answer of why I'm blogging, or may be I will just give up.

I'm been too skeptic?
No, I'm trying to be realistic, that's all folks.

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Cindy Breninger said...

I can't figure out why I blog either, but for some reason I just keep doing it. I have always loved to write and it is fun to write for others as opposed to just myself for writing in my little notebook. I really like this post, it made me think; which is not something I normally to do on a regular basis. ;) hehe

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