Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogging for fame, money, or pleasure it's....


"Blogging Time"

Blogging in my humble opinion it's made by amateurish people, not been made by professionals whatsoever and should be left that way. If you choose to do it in a professional way, then you shouldn't blog anymore! If you are looking for money, or fame than go and look in other places. Bloggers should not take themselves too seriously, but look at it more like a pastime, a passion, a personal pleasure, a way to enjoy themselves while doing it.

Bloggers Offering other bloggers, how to blog tips.

Some time I get a bit irritated by those people wearing a halo of grand masters while in the same time, they are dispensing suggestions, recommendations, or guidelines left and right on how to blog and what to blog. These "know how to" bloggers, the only things they blog about is to tell others how to get better in blogging. "B...S..." that's the only things they do blog about. These blog "advisers" in fact, the only thing capable to write about it's to tell others bloggers how they could get a better Google ranking, more traffic , or what to blog about, and so on. They won't adventure in the open by themselves without a protective net under their feet, they rather stay in their own secure niches of giving free advises to others bloggers.

Just do it, the way you feel.

We don't need to make it in a fashionable way, just let it be! I rather rumble all over the place than follow a strict guideline. I firmly believe there are not written rules when blogging (of course we all should use some good common sense when doing it).

I see blogging as when going into a restaurant where there isn't any menu list, and you never know what kind of food you going to get, because the restaurant's chef keeps changing menu' every day you go in. A Christmas egg can represent a better analogy for the above example, because you never know what kind of surprise you will find inside it.

I don't blog for fame, or money, but just for the fun of it, and then if money, or fame comes even better, but I won't be looking for it. When you are blogging not do it too personal do it as you like, but,free from any form based on rules, or guidelines. When running a blog just follow your mood, be yourself and, in the process enjoy it! By the way this is only, my personal opinion not a suggestion whatsoever, in the end do whatever you wish.

Have a nice blogging day.

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