Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something on the lighter side, and something not so lighted.


Once in a while I like to cruise the cyberspace, to see what other bloggers are blogging about.
In my quest, I found a couple of blogs that I personally liked and, are worthy of note.


The first one it's: Bent Objects, the author of this blog is Terry Border.
This blog, it's stuffed with hilarious colored pictures of the author's artwork, made from wires and household objects.

As I
mentioned, it's a blog about little funny sculptors, and it's worthy to pay a visit.
It can enlighten your day as, it did with my.


Another blog (which it's a my preferred one) I've already mentioned in a my antecedently post, it's: Mental Poo.

The author's nicknam
e of this cool blog is "moooooog35", and it's a very nice place to visit.


Last blog which I like to bring up: it's daveberta.ca, not that it's so lighted or fu
nny in itself, but the story around this blog I believe somewhat it is.

Ed Stelmach, a Canadian politician who serves as Premier of the Alberta region (which is located in Western Canada), has threatens to sue this 24-year old Edmonton student blogger.
The reason: the ownership of the domain name edstelmach.ca,

As he tells in his own blog:

"Right before Christmas, I received a letter in the mail from Tyler Shandro, a lawyer from the Calgary-based law firm Walsh Wilkins Creighton LLP, representing Alberta Premier Edward Stelmach.

This letter was sent to me regarding my ownership of the domain name edstelmach.ca, which I purchased for approximately $14.00 on April 4, 2007 (four months after Mr. Stelmach became Premier of Alberta).
The letter accuses me of interfering with and misappropriating Ed Stelmach’s personality (I’m really not sure where Ed Stelmach’s personality is, but I certainly didn’t take it)."

Dave Cournoyer is no political amateur and he knows exactly what he is doing.
He has had this site for almost a year delaying the “release” of the letter from the lawyers until after Christmas.
This stunt by Dave is probably a prank, or there is something more than that, like cybersquatting?

Now Ed Stelmach, rather than calling his lawyer to threaten this blogger, he should had found an amicable way to solve the matter.
What He has gotten so far from the news is, a tarnished image of a bully.
A really bad move from someone who believes that, the power which has been invested in him by the common citizens is, to be used by suing others for his personal interests.
Premier Edward Michael Stelmach has overreacted, if he wants to get out of a hole, now it is time to back off.

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