Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Battles for the civilization.-"Abortion."


Abortion is last thorny issue in this my "Battles for the civilization" trilogy.
The moral and legal aspects of abortion are subject of debates all over the world.


Pro-life or, pro-choice?

Should any laws interfere with a woman's or couple's decision for an abortion or, when to carry it out?
In the first instance, the mother has the right to decide for an abortion without any laws interposing in the matter.
In the second instance, which stage abortion should be allowed?
That's the real though part of the abortion issue.
The pre-embr
yo has no human shape, organs, skin, or brain, at this early stage it can't be recognized as human at all.
At the end of the 8th week, the embryonic stage is over, and the fetal stage begins.

At what stage we can define an human being as such?

In humans, the fetal stage of prenatal development begins about eight weeks after fertilization.
A fetus in the
mother's womb, isn't a fully developed human being until the major structures and organ systems have formed.
In this early stage, the fetus has not yet reached a fully functioning brain, consequently isn't a human being.
That's the real key question about abortion.
What makes an
human being, having all his parts put together and in working order but, not having a working cerebral activity yet.
Can we determine at this stage he's a completely human being?
No, I don't believe up to this p
oint we can say he's an human being, but it is a potential human being.

When a fetus starts to be a conscious, sentient human being in the mother's uterus?

The fetus at around 26 weeks, at this stage, it will be able to feel pain for the first time.
Afterwards the questions are:
It has become conscious of its surroundings?
The fetus has bec
ome a sentient human life for the first time?
This is more of a religious, and moral aspects.
At this point,
I firmly believe in my personal opinion, any abortion shouldn't be carried out after the 6th months.
After the six months period, to the moment of birth even though there isn't any definitive proof of the fetus' self-consciousness, I am for the pro-life case, but this doesn't means that should be enforced by any anti-abortion/pro-abortion laws, but solely based in the woman's or couple's decision to do the right choice.

Anti-abortionists view abortion as the murder of unborn children, these crusaders for 'pro-life' are too radical in their own views.
They are entrenched in their beliefs, that human life it's sacred in any case, even when there is a real need for an abortion.
Some of these hard-liners should relax from their own positions, and in the same time stand back at let decide, who's really personally involved in this matter.

At last from the news:

The Catholic church wants to present a resolution to the United Nation, similar to the Moratorium for the death penalty.
Personally, I don't believe this resolution will do anything good to the abortion issue in either ways (meaning pro-life or pro-choice),
but it is just a palliative to the issue, and besides a temporary suspension, it's unfeasible in this contest.

For these life and death battles, humanity hasn't yet reached a final conclusion, because its moralities, and probably never will.
But than, that's what moralities make of us what we are: "Human beings".

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