Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why the Internet has become the equalizer and, a lifeline for some people.


The Internet has become the equalizer because, is the place where differences of any sort won't count, is a big cauldron of mix cultures and identities, where we are all equal. In the cyberspace, there are no differences of religion or background, but only differences in opinions and expressions.

Each of us, in the cyberspace is a part of a different community. The Internet, has become a big factor in many lives and, specially in those belonging to the blogging communities. In this virtual world, where conceptual thinking becomes the norm and, the spectrum of ideas and expressions is vary vast because, the freedom we get from it. This fictitious world doesn't divide us, but at the contrary unite us, in the equality of freedoms and, opportunities which we get from it. The freedom to right, read, or think and, the opportunity to choose from. We are in control of this abstract world, we can be creative as we like or, when we like.

Also, for some people the Internet is a lifeline. People like: severely ill people, lonely people or, stay home moms. People which sometime are forcibly bound in their own homes because, the reasons I mentioned above or, for any other reasons. Why I'm writing this, because I am one of these people, I am a very ill person. After reading, some blog's post of people in my same situation, I came to realize that, I'm not alone! There are many people with my same condition or, any other condition for which, the Internet represent the only connection with the world even if, it's a virtual one.

Blogging, has become a global phenomenon because all the reasons above, and more.We, can get by without television for a day or so but, with the Internet? With Internet I don't think so, because it's so ingrained in our lives and, I don't believe we can do without it.
So, what's the Internet for you?


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