Thursday, January 24, 2008

Six degrees more that, will change the world as we know today.


All those experts, in the global warming field are, warning us about an increases of a couple more degrees in earth's Eco-system could lead humanity to, a cataclysmic disaster. One thing for sure, this tendency of earth's raising temperatures is already happening. Based on the climatologists theories, it's even possible of an increase of six more degrees in our planet. Where, will these climatic mutations take our planet in the near future ? Those 6 more degrees, which will change radically our world the way we know today to, a very alien one.

When, not if these theories will concretize in all their full extents before the end of this century could, these six more degrees increase, leave our planet to different possible events and, scenarios.

Of course they will.

With these degrees increase, superior to the last 100 years history will lead our future to new dramatic scenarios.


Possible scenarios.

* Earth, without the Amazonian forest.

* Without snow on the Himalaya .
* The Arctic poles without ice caps.
* Ghost cities.
* An increase in the desert lands.

* Tropical areas will move from their actual positions, toward a more north or, south directions.

While, other areas of the planet would benefit from the global warm
ing trend. The United Kingdom for example, it's already getting some benefits from the milder clime in the agriculture and, in Greenland where at most was used to grow only potatoes, since a couple of years it has begun other kinds of cultivation.

Of course, a lot depends on how many degrees will effectively increase earth's temperature.

For a better picture of the possible futures that, are waiting us cons
equently to these cataclysmic changes, I will list all of them by going from degree to degree after, I've reviewed all the expert's opinions and, estimations.


Possible scenarios by degrees.

Plus 1 degree:

With 1 more degree, the Arctic will be without ices for more than half of a year's period. Consequently from the ices melting from one more degree, water's level in the oceans will raise while, contemporaneously many of the world's sea coastal areas will sink.

Plus 2 degrees:

With two more degrees, the Tuvalu's archipelago will completely submerge in the sea and, possibly the "Great Barrier Reef", will disappear all together.

Plus 3 degrees: ( it's where more dramatic events will take place).

Amazonian forest in flames, on the Alps won't be anymore snow left, in central Europe wo
uld be more like a north African climate, than today.

Plus 4 degrees:

With four more degrees, countries like Bangladesh and, Egypt will be devastated. Venice will disappear into the waters. Nations, like Canada will become one of the most fertile land on the entire planet.

Plus 5 degrees:

With five more degrees, in place of the temperate bands in the two hemispheres, would be replaced by two enormous uninhabitable zones. Millions of persons would be forced to leave their own lands.

Plus six degrees:

Cities like Tokyo or, New York would be abandoned or completely submerged by waters. Part of the planet would risk to return to the Cretaceous period: that's a 144-65 millions of years ago.

Cretaceous period

Note: degrees are in Celsius, not Fahrenheits.


It's all science fiction? Some skeptics are, easily dismissing the facts.

I could say, only time will tell but (I'm afraid that), these hypothetically futures aren't (unfortunately), so much distant anymore. All these possibilities, are really scary pictures. I don't want to be too pessimistic on the matter but, time is running out...

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