Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting reviewed by "professionals" from blogged.com.


Casually, a couple days ago I found out that my blog has been reviewed at blogged.com. Before that fatal moment, I didn't know that this "blogged.com" site, even existed.

The reviewer, a professional (cough...cough...) editor has based his analysys on the following criteria: frequency of updates, relevance of content, site design, and writing style, and he gave to my blog an average 5.0 score. You can say, it's better than 4.0 or, 3.0 or, even better than not been mentioned at all. An average score means nothing, less than nothing, in my own words it means, shitty, crappy ( sorry about the bad words, but I don't know other ways to express my indignation). I've been striving to get an high quality blog since I started blogging, about three months ago. My intent in the end, wasn't to get any approval rates from any one but, I was doing it just for the simple fun, to see what I was capable to achieve in this field. What I knew about blogs was zero, and even less about computers and Internet. What I have achieved so far, I believe deserves more than a crappy @#$#! 5.0. Now, what this professional b...s...er has accomplished so far, it's to made me think to totally quit from my blogging career (sure, like it really is a career). First and foremost, I never asked to be reviewed by any critic, I was happy with my limited world, I was happy the way things were going on, I wasn't looking for any fame. Now along comes a "self-appointed" critic, which doesn't know a crap about me , and with his "score's review" about my blog, he has liquidated all the hard work I have done for it, in the past three months. They were, even offering me to show the score rating of my blog, by coping and placing the code on my blog widget. Yeah right, like I was proud of it. I felt really pissed at them.

Anyway, my rage has gone now and, I should have known better than paying any attention to their review. And lastly, because I am a fighter I won't give up, as a matter of fact , I never had to give up in any matter, all my life! I started last night by remaking my blog's header (I was for quite sometime, already on the process of remaking it) because I didn't like it, that much either. Now, it looks surely much different than before (yeah sure, now it look like a candy-bar wrapper....lol), but as once I said, I'm not a professional designer so, my site design will be, what it will be, not much choices on this one.

Once I'm on it, I will continue with the reasoning of this low score from the so-called Blogged's expert, mostly because in doing so, I will get some encouragement for myself.

Regarding the frequency of updates:

I publish, as much as my spare time allows me. You know, I have a big family and a job, which I need to take care of, and these duties are coming before than "the blogging matter". Blogging is just a pastime, a sideline, nothing else. Sometime I regret that I started blogging but now, I can't stop blogging, I have too much fun in doing it and, than it's even better of doing something else, like getting drunk or, wasting money on gambling.

Relevance of contents:

This is a hard one, I have tried to varied my contents but, as the relevances? I don't really know, because I write what i feel to write at that very moment I decide to seat on my chair and I start typing. I don't really think about relevances. Should I? I know that's bad, indeed I should pay more attention to the contents' relevance, but I just expressing myself the way I know best, that's all.

My writing style:

That's what I'm really working on it, I want to really improve my writing style. In reality I do believe, I have some writing skill somewhere, but I still looking for it (joking). The truth is, english isn't my first language, I learned it in a couple months by self-taught (and at a very old age.... sorry, I won't tell you for sure what age), this means no english classes at all, that's why the lack of personal's writing style but, I'm improving on it. I'm a very fast learner, even thanks to my big luggage of knowledges (go figure why, I came out with this big knowledge crap, but I liked the way it sounded), and in the process I will refine my tools, ready to fight on (does, this sounds dramatic enough?) the battle of critics. That's folks!

So, what do you think, do I deserve more than a miserable 5.0 score. If you believe I still don't deserve a better score, than it doesn't really matter, I'll give to myself a big "9.5" anyway.

Jokes apart!!

In the conclusion:

My goals are, to get something new, something different, every time I'm bloggging and with time, I will succeed in getting some recognition for my work, and whichever critic will come in the future with, whatever review he has on his hands for my blog, he certainly won't stop myself on my tracks anymore!

P.S. March.02.2008-update

After revisiting Blogged.com, I noticed my blog was reevaluated from a mere 5.0 to a 7.2 score.
I don't know why the score has been reevaluated but, still it doesn't impress me that much.
I guess, I shouldn' t complain about it anyway!

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Rose said...

Don't let a negative critique stop you from doing something that you enjoy. What makes them a professional? Submit your blog to bloggingfusion and allow those who visit your blog to rate you. I have a 3.09 out of five there and to be honest I don't worry about the rating. :)

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