Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you seen any green alien lately?


All these claims of, UFO sightings and close Encounters of the Third/Fourth/Fifth Kind and so on <<<(just kidding) reported by different sources, made me worry. Maybe, all these UFO sightings and encounters of any kind, are not so benevolent after all, but in reality they are just scouting earth, in preparation for an imminent all out invasion from some hostile alien race.


Are we, under the threat of an imminent invasion?

No, I don't think so. Seriously: the only "UFO" I've ever seen in all my life was, some speedy lights on a summer night to which I couldn't give any explanatory meaning. Those lights, were hovering in the sky for a second and later speeding from one point to another in zig-zagging patterns and while doing all that, emitting no sounds at all. Those lights could had been anything, but from here to affirm they were from some alien ships....that's really a long way to go. My point is: any UFO sighting doesn't means, that automatically is an alien ship? The word "UFO" stands for "unidentified flying object" meaning, we don't know what it is, they could just be anything: from weather balloons to airplanes, or anything else that is man-made, or natural...that's all.

What about all those eyewitnesses, which are swearing they have had an encounter of some kind with some alien-form at some point in their lives. The word that come out from my mouth is, to be very skeptical of all those claims. What I have seen so far, are only some fake movies, or fake pictures made by some artist-scammers, made mostly for gullible viewers. Don't you think by now, we should at least have some tangible proof of their visionary immaginations! With all the video cameras and the cell-phones we are carring all the time around with us, and no one has yet, capture any significant picture (without mentioning those fake ones, you can find plenty of them in the net) which definitively proves the existence of aliens.


Milky Way Galaxy

Of course, I'm fascinated at the question:

Are we alone in this immense Universe?

Like everyone else in this world I want to know if, we (the inhabitants of this small planet which we call home) are the only living beings in the entere universe. I have a feeling of loneliness when looking at it. Out there, in the universe you find billions and billions of stars, and earth is scarcely a tiny speck in this infinite ocean of stars and planets. All this tremendous space, all these Galaxies, all these worlds and we....we are the only one living in it. Could you imagine it, what a waste of space the universe would be! In the end, I do believe that, there are other intelligent "life-forms" faraway, but really faraway, so faraway that they couldn't get to visit us.

I do believe that, the chances of a visit from an extraterrestrial alien are close to none.

Anyone, who wants to travel to distant Galaxies needs an advanced technology that, can give him that capacity to travel faster than the speed of light, or (even better) faster than the speed of thought, to overcome the unimaginable distances. Frankly, I really don't know if, will ever be possible to achieve such knowledge. In the end I'm afraid that, anyone in this immense universe who dreams to pay a visit to his closest neighborhood are stuck in their own world, and dreams of galactic explorations will remain just that... only dreams!

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Ron said...

Interesting topic.
Personally I don't believe in UFO I know people which swear have seen em.
I watched a lots of alien movies where aliens land on our planet to destroy and conquere it, so I'm not really fond to meet em.


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