Friday, February 22, 2008

Highlights on this week news from the world.


A short introductory on this article:

This article is a summarize of the most important news' that have happened during this week in the world.

  • Serbs anger over Kosovo independence.
  • After 49 years, the "Lider Maximo" steps down from power.
  • Pervez Musharraf defeated by the opposition parties.

erbs anger over Kosovo independence.

The 17th February 2008, will be an historical day for the newly proclaimed state. After 20 years the process of succession from Serbia has come to a conclusion. Condolisa Rice ( in an informal conversation by phone with the minister of the foreign countries Sergej Lavrov) said, that the United States are in the firm conviction that this proclaimed independence will bring peace for the Balkans. Meanwhile what is bringing right now, are worries from what the future will bring to Europe and the Balkans following the newly declared State. Kosovo, a State without economy and functional Institutions and with a population of just over two million people. While, many Nations have already recognized the Kosovo declaration, in the same time has been rejected by Serbia's government and other Nations like Russia and People's Republic of China.

Following the Kosovo unilateral declarat
ion of independence from Serbia, the Serbs' anger upon the neo-State has irrupted into violence in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica enclave, 2000 Serbs attacked and set on fire a place of police in Jarinje (said gate1) and the check-point in Brnjak border (said gate2).

ould all these, destabilize already a volatile region such as the Balkans? The consequences of such move could lead to more dramatic events or, worst to new wars? Who knows, what the future await us around the corner in that part of the world. Maybe, the Us and Eu should had thought harder before supporting a such decision. As usual, only time will tell.

Last minute update from Bel

In Belgrade a
fter a peaceful manifestation against the Kosovo independence of hundred thousands demonstrators, was transformed in a raid against the United States and the Croat Embassies which were set on fire by anger rioters. The situation right now is volatile and unpredictable.

After 49 years, the "Lider Maximo" steps down from power.

Fidel Ruiz Castro is been in power since 1959 and he have left the power (following a message to the Cubans people) from Prime Minister of State and Commander in Chief, after a dictatorship lasted almost 49 years. In truth I believe that, the renounce has generated very little expectations in the Cuban communities around the world. He's dismissal from power wasn't dictated by his free will but, as many of us can figure out, rather than his poor health conditions.

In the message publis
hed by many medias around the globe, he says:

"I communicate to the compatriots, that they gave me a great honor by electing me as member of the Parliament, that I won't aspire or accept - I repeat- I won't aspire or accept, the office for Prime Minister of State and Commander in Chief."
Fidel Alejandro Castro Rus (born Agust 13, 1926) is 89 years old.

ure thing, like the great majority of Cubans will miss him! But, when I'm reading those words, in the same time I recognize something remarkable in them. There is something more if, you pay close attention to those words. Fidel Castro in that message appears like an old David, that never gave up power to the Golia USA but, except by his free will or, if you read those same words in another way, like "I will go away when, I will decide to do so". In a way, he has already won an old battle with an old enemy (which of course are the USA). Indeed, in the end he never gave up power by force.

Goodbye Fidel,
you won't be missed by many.

Pervez Musharraf defeated by the opposition parties.

The opposition in Pakistan wins, Musharraf now risks a lot after this lost election. He risks an impeachment which could result in a destabilization of the country. The two main Pakistan parties, that won the election and in which neither of them have found a majority for being able to govern the nation. They are willing through their leaders (Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif), to find an accord for a coalition to guide their nation. After reading from the election response that:

  • Musharraf and his party gets a total of 38 seats in the parliament.
  • Zardari with his party the Ppp of the murdered leader Benazir Bhutto gets a total of 87 seats in the Parliament.
  • Sharif (the other leader which together with Zardari won the election), with his party gets a 66 seats in the Pakistan parliament.
The amazing thing I haven't mentioned yet is that, there is another party which leader is Rehman.
  • Rehman with his party the Mma which gets an amazing 3 seats from the previous 50 they had.

To be correct I must specified that, the "Mma" party is an alliance of the Islamic radicals. As you can see, the consensus in which Bin Laden and the Talibans enjoyed in Pakistan till these days has after this election halved. After all, the Bhutto assassination wasn't in vain and maybe, there is a better future for the Pakistan's people in the horizon.

Benazir Bhutto

hutto's party:

"now we will stop the terrorism".

Zardari promises of doing what Musharraf wasn't capable or willing to do, to fight the Talibans.

Asif Ali Zadari

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