Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Iranian father, killed his 14 years old daughter by stoning her to death.

Honor Killings

Honor Killing in Iran-An Iranian father, punishes his 14 years old daughter, by stoning her to death.

A 14 years old girl, stoned to death because her father believed she was having an affair with a man. The matter happened in a deserted locality of the periphery of Zahedan. Zahedan is the capital of the Sistan and Baluchestan Province, which it's situated in the southeast of the Iranian's country.

The Sistan and Baluchestan Province (it's a territory situated in the southeast of the Iranian's country).


Sharif (that's the name of the father killer), after he was arrested by the Iranian police, justified his criminal act by saying "I had to save my honor". Sharif, has admitted to have stoned to death the little girl "by the name Samieh" with the aid of a friend, without showing sign of repentance. "I suspected that she had a relation with a man and I was forced to stone her to death, for being able to wash my soiled honor", would have said Sharif during his interrogation. "I did not have any other choice", has added the man. He told the event of the lapidation, in the minimums details to his enquirers.

As he, recalls the murder:

e had loaded the young daughter on his car and after took her to the desert, in the rural province of Zahedan, close to the Afghan's frontier. There, he stoned to death with the help of some friend, the young daughter. "In the car, she had a terrorized look. I believe, she knew what was going to happen to her. During the lapidation she yelled, asked mercy. But, I did not have any choices", told Sharif to the daily paper Etemad Iranian.


Today, the father is in jail with hes friend. The killing of the young Samieh in the desert, faraway from other people's looks, wasn't enough for him to avoid the jail. In fact, to denounce him was the desperation of a mother. The mother of the young murdered girl. Not even the mother of Hina Saleem (the Pakistani girl, killed by the own father in Italy) had never dared, to accuse the husband.

Sharif will pay in jail for his murderer crime, in a sentence between three and nine years. The sentence don't even come close to the hanging sentences, reserved to assassins in Iran.

The law.

In Iran in fact, the father is considered to be the "owner of the blo
od" of the daughter and the crimes to avenge the honor (above all in the rural zones) are justified by the common moral. Sharif, suspected that his daughter had committed "illicit actions" with a man and than, he decided to gave her the right sentence of death. A death deserved to the adulterates, meaning death by stoning.

According to Article 83 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran, stoning to death has been declared a permissible punishment for a few different types of adultery.

Death by Stoning, a barbaric sentence given to adulterates.

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Anonymous said...

These people (loose description) are nothing less than cowardly animals.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this translation!! People all around the world need to become more aware of this hideous crime

Red.eVolution said...

Thank you, I wish we all can do something more about this sad subject.


Anonymous said...

one of the reason why Iran has the lowest HIV/AIDS infection rate is this. Don't you think it's ?(stoning) working?

Red.eVolution said...

To fix the HIV/AIDS infection rate we won't go about stoning people. Would we? I hope your remark was just a joke.

Anonymous said...

Let the world know. We can not go about our lives as if this did not exist. The world must know and the people must get conscious about it, we the people must protest and put pressure on those who have the power to eradicate this evilness.

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