Saturday, February 16, 2008

When irrationality gets in minds and hearts and becomes hatred.


The topic in which I'm going to write about today, deeply concerns and worries me by it's nature. When finally, I decided to write about this particular subject, I'm felt like entering in a mine field, riddle with so many unanswered questions. Most importantly, let me say something to clarified my feelings on this matter: I'm for tolerance, freedom of ideas and expressions, and freedom of religion under the rules of laws, than I'm going to enter in this matter on my tiptoes out of concern that, some idiot can take it in the wrong way.

Now, let me go on with the topic:

After I have seen on TVs and newspapers, something that resent sentiments of hate toward Muslims and also, after reviewing a couple of blogs for some research on the Muslims world and Islam, I've found these sentiments of anti-Muslims even deeper in some of these blogs. Now, I want to express my concern regarding this matter. Are we becoming more intolerant toward Muslims or, are these sentiments which are fostering in our minds and hearths, are justified by what is going on in the Arab world?

From what I've seen or, read I guess we are!

But in these particular instances, I feel emotionally divided when I ear or, see video like the ones I'm going to show you, and later I will ask you a couple questions.

Any non Muslim is a kafir "infidel".

From: Dispatches - Undercover Mosque.

More videos here:

From: patcondell-Islam in Europe.

From: WebPundit-ISLAM? NO THANKS!!!


From: CNN'S-SpecialInvestigation.

The questions I was referring before were:

Shouldn't we differentiate between terrorists, radical Muslims and the rest of the Arab world or, should we consider the all Arab world, as our enemy? Another question which motives me, to write about this subject is: are some bloggers are bashing too hard on the subject or, should them moderate their views? In my personal opinion I do believe that, anyone is free to express himself the way he feels when blogging but, I believe, there are times when we need to defuse a situation when is, already too explosive. In this case, I should justified those feelings of anger and hatred toward those radical Muslims, for the hate speeches given by some Imams aiming at our own beliefs, religion, and democracy and for the intents of subversion toward the entire European system, and possibly later, even the subversion of the American continent from these radical Muslims. What some exponents of the radical Islam (in particular a branch of Islam named Wahabi, which is the dominant form of Islam found in Saudi Arabia and in some other Muslim countries) are preaching is the Islamization of the entire world, that's something that sounds really ominous. Now let me post some comments I gather from different blogs' posts:


Muslims and democracy are incompatible, maybe this holds true in someone's mind.

  • The ch4 mosques video demonstrated for all to see how hatred and violence are being taught by Islamic preachers.
  • These preachers of hate are allowed to exist, are not ridiculed out of the mosques, because many Muslims agree with their hateful messages.
  • No amount of apologetics will make these types of preachers go away. Islam needs a reform.
  • Kill this fucking dirty Muslim, drive them out and slaughter them.
  • We aren't running out of nukes, we got plenty. You got none. Time to die bitch.
  • Unfortunately for every one of these true Muslims theres about 50 raving psychotic,
  • hypocritical "Muslims" and about 1000 "moderate" Muslims who gladly sit back and allow the radicals to take over their religion and represent them.
  • You wonder why there's Islamaphobia!?
  • there is no extremist islam, there’s just Islam! And islam is violent and intolerant by it’s nature.
  • islam has openly declared war on the west and our cowardish politicians are still trying to hide this fact. I am from Amsterdam and i don’t need anyone telling me that it is not as bad as it seems.
  • It will get much worse before it gets better. The Muslim use old german strategies to conquer the city. Starting with intimidation and terror on the streets. Always moving about in groups
  • searching for ways to harm innocent dutch people. They provoke us on a daily basis. I dream of the day that Europa will wake up and fight back with all the available means. Not just with words
  • but with true dedication knowing that our way is the only way.The time has come to realise that being a patriot is a necessaty to survive. Let the politicians talk. They dont represent us anymore.
  • They want Europe to turn into a moslim continent. Dont underestimate the power of the people. We are with 450 milliion here. The only reason islam is growing is because of the endless support of European politicians.
  • From Brussels to The Hague to Amsterdam. Not to mention all the other European countries like Belgium, France, Spain, Britannia, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. One day the voice of the European people will come
  • out with a eardeafening row claiming back our land which is rightfully ours! One day we will make Europe proud again. In the names of our forefathers, we wil stand our ground!!!!!!
  • It’s time all the european people gathered to fight islam and islamisation of our countries. But we, as europeans, cannot tolerate; that these people try to bring their absurd ideology to our countries.
  • but most Muslims ARE peaceful. There are up to 5 million Muslims living in the US and none of them want to cause violence in the US, do they?


New Dark Age is coming our way.

You can say I'm too moderated on this matter, that I should join the backlashing against Muslims but, I will not. I will fight against any terrorists or, any Islamic extremists if necessary but, I won't discriminated against any other Muslim that are not involved in any ways in actions against our way of life. I firmly do believe, there are parts of the Arab society that aren't against the Western civilizations, and we shouldn't discriminate against them. We cannot declare a total war against the all Muslim world or otherwise, we will be like those that we are fighting for the survival of our civilizations.

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Also here, where you can get a much wider view on the subject:



I rewrote this article so many times that, I even postponed it's publication. When I was writing it, I felt that I was walking barefoot on thorns finally, I came up with something that wasn't too harsh or too soft. I wanted something that was more or less on the moderated site and realistic in the same time, in the end I got a much shorter version than the original one.

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