Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why sometimes a life feels too unbearable to live?


I was quite impressed, from a report that I had recently read over the suicidal rates in the world. Nearly a million of people die worldwide alone, by just suicide causes and an estimated of 10 to 20 million attempted suicides every year. These numbers by themselves can look as a very small quantity, by comparing them to the world entire population but, nevertheless we shouldn't dismiss these tragedies of human society, that easily.

I asked myself after reading that report mentioned above, of why and what takes a human being to motivate his abnormal decision. The reasons that takes a person to this dramatic, final decision can be argumentative by its nature.

Suicide occurs for any number of reasons, often relating to depression, substance abuse, shame, avoiding pain, financial difficulties or other undesirable situations.

abstracted from: wikipedia

Causes of suicide.

Of course, I can't completely answer by myself the question o
f "Why sometimes a life feels too unbearable to live?". In fact, my article's title is just that: a provocative reminder of when sometimes, we are so busy with our lives, that we forget about these people in need for our attentions and often, we just leave them behind us...

There are so many reasons why a person decide to end his/her personal journey into life. Because of undesirable situations laid in his/her path, that who
contemplates death or, takes to action his/her will of death as the final result of an unbearable life, he/she must be in a position where feels that suicide is, the last unavoidable step to end his/her suffering.

Suicides feel that something is missing in their lives, and aren't worth to live them anymore. Sometimes suicide notes are left behind the suicides, in an attem
pt of desperate last cry for help.

A reflexion in human contact.

I believe, we all should learn to recognize the signs of a person in the desperate need for an human contact and in the same time by helping him/her in not feeling alone, vulnerable and depressed to live. We should learn something about human cont
act indeed, no one should be left behind alone.

A note in the subject, if you are feeling not accepted, alone, vulnerable, in pain please click the link below:

If you are feeling suicidal now, please stop long enough to read this....


I end this brief topic, with some "Visual Poetry" which I have found in this website and where you can find also, some nice freewares: digilander.libero.it

These poetries are an hymn to life and hope. I wish, these verses can put some sparks of colors and joy in someone difficult path into the world.

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Bobby said...

I've suffered from depression all my life but I've never thought about suicide. However, I got myself professional help (several different types of help).

I've had three friends and a family member commit suicide. When we see someone having a rough time, we must reach out to help them. People who suffer no depression may not understand how real it is.

Thanks for the post...nice work!

Red.eVolution said...

First thanks for commenting on my post and then, I'm very sorry for your friends, I wish they had your same strength but, unfortunately, not all of us have the right strength to overcome those dark days in life. That's why, I wish each of us when we find ourselves in those particular moments, to find someone ready to give us an helping hand.

I wish you all the best!

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