Friday, February 29, 2008

Learning to cope with with emotional pain when, life feels to shut down on you.


Have you ever felt like giving up when, burdened with so much pain going on in you life that, you can't stand it any longer? We are all equipped to handle emotional pain, but there is only a certain range in which we can handle with. Family, death, divorce, stress, work, responsibilities and so on. The truth is, life sometime sucks!

How to deal with emotional pain experienced from stress situations.

Understanding and emotionally manage a grief and deep feeling of sorrows, it's a learning step. Sometime, to deal with it takes time and support from close friends and family members. We can even find help within our own spirituality, religion or, in a social network's support.

Emotional stress has become the standardized way of living in this evolving modern world.
Vulnerability from pain has impregnated our lives and we have to learn to live with it, and thereafter become mentally more stronger. There are not other ways around if, we want to dwell in this world.

Even if, we made some bad decisions in life and sorrows and pains are the end results, we don't have to live with them! We didn't choose to born to a life of pain, but we could learn to cope with them if, we want to survive in a life burdened with struggles.

Don't make your pain and sorrow take control of you or, the end results can be devastating on you own life, even make you consider a suicide as the ultimate solution! Don't even isolate yourself, by building high walls of apathy around you, to prevent negative emotions coming at you from the outside world with, the hope of protecting yourself from further pains. It's not the right way to deal with.

I know, to be in control of our own emotions isn't that easy, especially when hit hard in our inner cores but, it can be accomplished with the right mind set. Think of it in a different way if, the world we live in would be a perfect idyllic one, also wouldn't it be a boring, tedious, grey one to live in. Pain makes you feel sick but, in the same time tells that you are alive. As in a processing learning curve, we can achieve an almost perfect control of the life's problematics by, separating ourselves from them. That, doesn't means we have to completely dismiss them because, without pain we won't have any joy either but, a simple dull life. Then, what a fun life would be. Isn't it? We need to strike a right balance, knowing that pain is going to come anyway in our lives. Beforehand, we need to get prepare and accept it with the right mind set. Once we achieve a balance in our deep inner for the daily struggle with life, we will even find life to be more enjoyable to live.

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