Monday, March 17, 2008

Is Islam a religion of peace, love and tolerance? (part I)


I started to question Islam after reading some books, newspapers and even by watching some movies, and I came out with a bunch of weird ideas on the subjects of:

  • Muhammad
  • Sharia
  • Jihad
  • Hadith
  • and the Quran

Maybe, they are too farfetched, but I'm going to write about them anyway.


Muhammad, Allah's prophet.

Abu l-Qasim Muhammad was the preacher of Islam, and is regarded by Muslims as the last messenger and prophet of God.

I remember an old movie that I watched so long ago, and it was about Muhammad Allah's prophet. What I recall from that movie was, that he had retre
ated to a cave because, Muhammad was unhappy with the life he had in Mecca. Muhammad received his first revelation from God, while he was meditating in this cave and after some time, he came out from it and started preaching those revelations to the people, while in the same time he was telling them, that he was the prophet and messenger of God. Muhammad was about 40 years old, when this was happening. After some battles with the tribes of Mecca, he finally could enter in Medina as the winner with his cohorts. Some time after he died, his followers started to convert nonbelievers to Islam following an holy war on West and Est lands.

Now going back a few steps, before Muhammad retreated to the cave for meditation, he was: a general, diplomat, orator, merchant, legislator, and many other things. Now I wonder, why God should had chosen him as the messenger of his words. He wasn't a holy man, he hold nothing of a pious man either but, he was chosen by God anyway.

Now that's a little suspicious!

Muhammad one day decides to retreat in this cave because, he was unsatisfied with his personal life, and came out from it with some revelations from God! Unlike Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Daniel and many other Prophets, all of which had an anguishing life marked by so many events that in the end conduced them to God, and only after following those torturing paths, before, they could finally get to him. At the contrary, Muhammad was without a past that was anything similar to those prophets. One day, he woke up and decided to hibernate himself in a cave, to came out later as a "holy man"!

Maybe, one day I will do the same. I will get a comfy little cave and after some years, I will come out from it, with some nice little stories to tell the people. I would tell the people, that God had spoken to me and he told
me, that I had to preach to the world his words. Then, the world would be hanging at every word coming out from my lips. Another weird idea, which comes out from my mess up brain is that, maybe, he had plagiarized some ideas and facts from those Prophets? I know, that sounds a little too foolish, maybe? After all, my are only irrational thoughts of a common mortal.

ISLAM religion of peace and love.

Next: Sharia and Jihad.

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1 Comment:

Jeff Baker said...

interesting perspctive... i know some preachers of christianity that appear to have come out of a cave with the same proclamation and they are not very believable... thanks. i enjoyed your post. peace -- jb

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