Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tibet on fire.


Tibet is in turmoil since, the Tibetan monks started protesting against the Chinese regime. The exiled Dalai Lama denounced a “cultural genocide” toward the Tibetan people coming from the Chinese occupation, but in the same time he's contrary to boycott the Chinese Olympiad because as he said, "China's people deserve it". The Dalai Lama (the spiritual and political leader of Tibet) has declared in the past that, he doesn't seek full independence anymore, but he would accept for his people an autonomy and in the same time, the respect for Tibetan's human rights.

Meanwhile in Lhasa, the situation seem more quite since the Chinese police forces has managed to crackdown the demonstrations. The Tibetan exiled government in Dharamsala has declared that, at least 80 people had died following the Tibetan turmoils, while Chinese authorities said that only 10 civilians have died.

Right now, the Chinese police and military forces are refraining themselves for more strong actions becau
se, the Chinese authority are afraid that crackdown on demonstrators could lead to more bloodshed and consequently China have some implications for, the holding of the Summer Olympics.

In my humble opinion, an authoritarian government which treads on human rights so despicably even on his own people, doesn't deserves it the privilege of holding the Summer Olympics anyway, and because of this authoritarian regime which defeats the spirit of the Olympics, by holding it. Therefore, democratic Nations should boycott it. I know, that many Chinese people are counting in this big event but, they should reflect that nothing is going to change for the people of China in the near future even with, the upcoming Olympiad. Until China is ruled by an authoritarian regime such as the Beijing Communist party, very little hope have left the Chinese people for, the so much gasped freedom they deserve. In the very end, the Olympics are just a palliative administered by the "Chinese Communist Party" for, the real needs of a -Free and Just- Chinese society, nothing more!

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Anonymous said...

An intelligent and thought provoking analysis of the current situation of Tibet, and the insufferable and despicable Beijing regime. It is insightful and well written. The PRC (People's Republic of China) morally challenged government, is betting on its opening of the economy as well as the Olympic games to change public opinion. People of the free world will undoubtedly be tempted to think that the authoritarian beasts of Beijing have changed their ways. One needs only to look at what is happening in Tibet to realize that their fastidious penchant for appearing kind and nice to the outside world, is just the usual smoke and mirror games that the Soviets used to play during the cold war. Beware free people of the world, open your eyes to the games of Beijing.

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