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Is Islam a religion of peace, love and tolerance? (part III)


Quran, the Holy book.

Muhammad commanded his cohorts to spread the true faith by means of the sword (which was by the way, a very nice way to impose to those poor heretics their own beliefs, at the tip of a sword). The verses quoted by the Quran alone argument is that Muhammad is not to be worshiped or deified and that his role is to deliver the Quran, complete with explanation and guidelines on how to live the Quran—guidelines which have been preserved in his Sunnah. When the Islamic terrorists are applying the interpretation of Islam exactly as dictated by the Quran and the Hadith are not deviating from them but actuating them exactly as prescribed by the Quran and the Hadith.


Hadith and the Quran.


Hadith are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Hadith collections ar
e regarded as important tools for determining the Sunnah, or Muslim way of life


Quran is the central religious text of Islam, and together with the Hadith both which are considered important tools for influencing the Muslim way of life. Muslims believe that the Quran is the book of the Creator guidance and direction for all mankind. As Muhammad endlessly said, the Quran is not poetry or allegory, it is the clear voice of Allah himself, so that everyone can understand and take it seriously. It's in reality even sacrilegious to Muslims, to think the Quran as only an allegory. The verses from the Quran and the Hadith full of hate being circulated and preached everyday by the Imams, in all corners of the Muslim world.

Islam is inalterable, with Islam there is no separation of state and church.

Progress requires change, in the other hand Islam is static system with twisted values. This is why Islam is not just a religion but, it's also a deceiving totalitarian regime, and Muslims are the first victims of it, but very few of them realize all this. The world perspective of Islam is very despotical and we all have to fight it not just militarily but, also in intellectual manners.


All my rhetorical questions during this unsavory journey through Islam's facts, history and (maybe) some irrationalities, will these ultimately assert the real truth about Islam! One thing I'm sure about it! What we are seeing today it's not a clash of civilizations but, a war of ideologies for freedom and oppression, for good and evil, which in turn, it will culminate in the survival of civilization and humanity.


As-Salamu Alaykum

"Peace be upon you."


Appeasing Islam

From: patcondell

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Emerson Twain said...

Let's see what happens to Geert Wilders' film "FITNA" before we answer that question...His web host has just within the past few hours, shut him down, mere hours prior to the scheduled release of the film on the web...

truthseaker said...

Hi there. I have read with interest your blog & comments on islam & you are right in all you say. The problem we all have is getting the truth out to as many people as possible. Muslims are told to lie, they are told to cheat, so all they are doing now in the west they are told to do by there imams & there so called book of evil.

One thing that they do not tell those idiots in the west that seem to believe them that they are the religion of peace. Is that yet again they have lied to them. These leaders in the west claim to have a copy of the quran & after reading it they can honestly say that it is a book of peace. This is as I say yet again another lie by & from muslims. They all know that to be true, how this is happening, I will try to explain to any who do not know.

The Saudi royal family who pay for most of the mosques in the west & the teaching of the imams. Have had printed millions of copies of a quran. I say a quran because it is not the true quran that all muslims follow. There are two qurans you see, the Meccan quran & the Medina quran. The meccan quran is the one that they are having printed & distributed in the west, that book is a book of peace & it is this book that the leaders have been given. So when they say they have read the book & it is a book of peace, they are in fact telling the truth. Its just that they are that daft they have not checked this out to see if it is in fact THE TRUTH.

What happened is this, in the first 9 years of mo's teachings, he was in Mecca & he taught peace as is in the Bible. But they Arabs ignored him & called him, so he left Mecca & went to Medina. When there he then got lots of the Nomad Arab tribes interested in what he was saying but he was that annoyed with those in Mecca that he changed all;l his earlier teachings to what we all now know & love. All the early teachings in the Meccan quran have been abrogated / superseded as such. But this is something that no muslim will tell you or ever admit to, but it is 100% true. This is easy for anyone to check up on by going on the web & just asking about the Meccan & Medina qurans, they from that will get all the information they could ever need. I hope that this opens the eyes of many people as they need to be shown the truth about this evil vile oppressive cult of death. If any of you ask I can & will give you more information on this subject, so just ask. As for any muslim that may read this, you all know that what I have posted here is 100% the truth, you can lie as much as you like. But any simple check on the web will show anyone who checks this out, that it is the truth & it is I who has spoken the truth & not you.

Red.eVolution said...

I must first excuse myself to answers your comments this late. I have very little time these days for my blog, due to a personal family situation aroused during these past days which, I must attend and of course solve it. Anyway, I must say Emerson, in response to your comment, I didn't know much about the short movie "FITMA". What I knew was, that it is a response to Islam holy book "the Koran". The risk from the Koran of undermining European freedom and society in the Western societies it's very real, that's a fact which many of us already know. What, the Koran will bring to the European societies is simply plain havoc, unless we stand up for the freedom of speech. Already, some radical Islamists are establishing a stranglehold on Europe by censoring and restraining anything that pertain their religion by issuing threating warnings on those who have the guts to confront or, openly discuss about the real nature of Islam. The fact, that this religion which many Muslim immigrants had imported with them, and now tanks to some radicalized Islamists that are trying to establish in the heart of Europe by enforcing Sharia laws right now on only their own people (in a not so faraway future with all the probabilities, we, the European citizens will be their next targets, that's for sure) is more that, meaning that Islam is based on a bunch of barbaric misconceptions and violations of the human rights. The impact on every things we believe are in danger to be undermined if, we allowed Islam (at least the more harmful part of it) to root and grow in our societies, that why the freedom of speech is very important to be maintained in our societies, because it's the only weapon we have to fight the violations of human rights and consequentially, all the mayhem which Islam will bring on us!

Also, thanks truthseaker for your feed backs on Islam and its Muhammad's prophet, sharing some more light on the real nature of Islam, it's always appreciated. Discussing the truth about Islam, it's what radical Muslims are trying to undermine with their menacing warnings. We must continue to engage them, in a war of ideologies if, we want our civilization to survive to the calamity, that Islam will bring on all of our beliefs. Freedom of speech is our religion, if you (intending, radical Islamists together with their preachers of hate) menace to overrun it, we will fight you to the very end!

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