Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Protesters disrupt the ceremony of the Olympic torch, held in the ancient Olympia.


China isn't embarrassed at all for yesterday incident, when an activist of 'Reporter Without Frontiere' has disturbed the Olympia's ceremony. At the contrary China's representative from the ministry of the foreign countries, Qin Gang has asserted, that those who had sabotaged the ceremony should feel embarrassed for violating the Olympic spirit. The spokesperson has also added, that China is confident of a regular development of the torch's race that will get through 135 localities all over the world and 31 Chinese's provinces.

According to the tradition, in the ancient city of Olympia the sun's rays has once again ignited the Olympic flame. In the course of the official ceremony, in which have assisted the president of the organizing Committee of the Beijing's Games Ling Qi and the president of the Olympic Committee International Jacques Rogge, three activists pertaining to the group Reportèrs sans Frontières have succeeded to unfold, while Ling Qi was speaking, a flag on which were represented, in place of the Olympic circles, five handcuffs on black background. The protesters have been readily stopped from some representatives of the police enforcements, present on the place. The Chinese television has censured the images of the protest.

"the Olympic flame is sacred and the human rights are even more"

a representative of Reportèrs sans Frontières has explained,

"we cannot allow that the Chinese government to make use of this symbol of peace without denouncing the dramatic situation of the human rights in China and Tibet".

Also arrested, some Tibetans with Swiss, German and American passports for having tried to wave some banners and Tibetans flags along the streets of Olympia. The president of the CIO, Jacques Rogge, after asserting that "it is not the case" to speak about the boycotting of the Games, has also let he know that the Olympic Committee is cautiously operating with Beijing for a pacific solution of the Tibetan's problem.

Of a different tone, the position taken from the president of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering. In the course of an interview released to a German daily newspaper, Hans-Gert Poettering has declared to be favorable at the hypothesis of the Games' boycott. "Beijing must take a decision and open negotiations immediately", he has asserted. "In the contrary case the boycotting can be justified.

"We desire only the full success over the Games, but not at the cost of the Tibetans' cultural genocide ".

While Beijing, in spite the protests which are coming from all around the world, has not renounced to include Tibet and the Everest's mountain on the Olympic torch crossing them.


Protests at the Olympia's ceremony.

Here some videos from: reuters.com

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