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The army of free us all, from an evil Islam.


This article is in a way a follow up of, "The fomenters, unchained souls of Europe."

I have assembled (thanks, to my demented thoughts created by a disturbed mind such as mine) while I was napping on my sofa, an imaginative army of freedom fighters, for the preservation and salvation of all the civil societies of the free world, to fall into a dark age of Islamisation... Subsequently, I named it, "The army of free us all, from an evil Islam." and I gave a setting goal to this army: to free all the kafirs (meaning us, the unbelievers) from Islam colonization and submission. Afterwards, I compared it to, "the armata Brancaleone".

Armata Brancaleone?

-The term Armata Brancaleone is still used today in Italy, to define a group of people which are badly assembled, and they are firmly believing to fight for a just cause. The "armata Brancaleone" is also an Italian comedy movie released in 1966, written by the famous duo Age & Scarpelli and directed by Mario Monicelli. It features (a great) Vittorio Gassman in the main role.

If you want to learn more about it, here the link: L'armata Brancaleone.

This armata Brancaleone (or, "The Incredible Army of Brancaleone") and subsequently the entire article, it's just a my noncritical and nonsensical jumble of thoughts, and it doesn't pretend to be anything less then a ironic way of seeing things on the matter of Islam and its oppone
nts of free minded people, in the recurrent war of ideologies that is battering the free world.

Free us from Islam, before it kills us all.

In this hypothetical army I would elect as the supreme leader of, "The army of free us all, from an evil Islam." patcondell. Patcondell, this blaspheming infidel who has taunted us with hes personal prospectives and some times irreverent view on religions in general, and Islam in particular manner, with hes ironic and humorous videos.
You can learn more about patcondell by following this link: The Freethinker

From: patcondell

(Click on image)

Also, I would add Lionheart (alias Capitan Fracassa) as a courageous army's captain.

-Captain Fracassa he's a fictitious character taken from a novel of Théophile Gautier's
Le Capitaine Fracasse (1863). Théophile Gautier's novel is centered on a soldier named Fracasse, whose adventures portray bouts of chivalry, courage and a sense of adventure.-

Also, I would add: Geert Wilders with hes provocative short film "Fitna". I see him as a modern version of, "Don Quixote de la Mancha" while he's fighting with his imaginative monsters (is he so delusional, afterall?), and of course many other fighters of the free world (too many to mention all of them here).

Could you image, where this bizarre and ragtag "armata Brancaleone" of underdogs would take us?

One thing I'm sure about it! They, are trying to warn (rightly or wrongly) all of us, about the hidden (regrettably, not so much hidden anymore) danger of a radical Islamic infiltration in our societies, and because of it, its ultimate outcome: the establishment all over
the Western civilizations of a distorted and coercive Islam under the rule of laws, dictated and enforced in the name of Allah.

Would our heroes, in these hypothetically army of fighters for this battle of ideologies and freedom, eventually succeed? All depends from the qualities of the foot soldiers, that this imaginative ground forces has within its ranks. If they have the courage, the strength, the belief, the perseverance, and ultimately the will for freedom, they won't succumb to this impending evil.

The Western nations may appear to be in their crepuscle, because apparently, they are on the verge of capitulation to this approaching doomsday. But then, these nations have plenty of resilient fighters, to meet up the challenges that a malevolent part of Islam is ready to unleash on any infidel. So bring it on. This unmatched army is ready to meet the upcoming challenges thrown at them, by a fundamentalistic and hegemon Islam!

I hope, that this article isn't taken as a nuisance, but just an ironic way of seeing things on a very thorny issues, nothing more.

A Red...eVilishhhh and provocative...Red.eVolution

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truthseaker said...

Your vision, dream, illusion even mirage may well come to fruition. I do believe that the general population of the UK are now getting truly fed up with this cancer that is creeping throughout or country, by the name of islam. I believe that the people of this country are now starting to wake up to what is going on & so that being the case. Yours army of truth against evil will come about, it will happen. If not now in the near future, muslims are going to far in what they are doing & how they are doing it, they have through our dimmi government become so big headed & think that they are now untouchable, due to the constant PC mantra's. There will happen very soon I believe such an attack on the people of this country by muslims, that no matter what the powers that be try to do to quell the outrage, they will not be able to do so. That when it happens, the majority of the population of this country will rise in such anger, in absolute outrage at what muslims have done & so what our leaders have done to cover up these atrocities. There will be riots in the streets & these riots will not be a couple of hundred young men, it will be thousands of men young & old. It will be thousands of women again young & old, it will be so bad that even the police will not be able to stop what will happen & why?. All because those who are meant to be our leaders, our government have allowed this to happen, they would have tried to cover up for this cancer once to many times. What they all tend to forget is that the general people of the UK are descended from some of the most vicious fighters in history & when our backs are against the wall, we will kill anyone who gets in our way. Also those stupid muslims also forget in there bravado, that they are all of 3.5 to 5% of the population of this country & so if they think that they can win in any fight between 5% & 95% they are all even more stupid & idiotic then we even thought they all are. I do not want this to happen as many other do not want it either, but the sorry fact if it is that unless our government acts & does so soon, it will happen & there will be a blood bath & the blood will be all 5% muslim.

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