Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Naples Crud and its need for a miracle.



Naples's citizens have a colorful word which they use often, to emphasize a particular situation- 'nguaiati. The phrase 'nguaiati is a dialectical expression meaning, "be in a deep shit".

Indeed, they are.

Only a miracle could save Naples from its downfalls. The stinking of t
he rotten garbages dumped on its streets, is plaguing and affecting the livelihood of the entire city. To the offensive smells have been added the danger of dioxin released in the air, after most of the garbages laying on the streets, have been destroyed by fires. As all these wasn't enough, Naples has been battered for many years by the Camorra (a local style mafia organization).

In the South of Italy, we do not lack of expertise in the aria of criminal associated enterprises. Our specialized "manovalanza" (manual laborers) in the Mafias business are the best you can find in this field. At personal request, we can even export them in any part of the world. We offer a catalog of all the Mafia's related organizations, to be viewed in the comfort of your home. See: Sicilian mafia, Camorra, N'drangheta, Stidda, Sacra Corona Unita, etc...

Sigh... unfor
tunately in this matter, we are not trailing behind anyone.

As if they were not enough, Italy is even starting to import criminal organizations from Eastern Europe: Russia, Poland, Belorussia, Albania, and so on. In addition from African countries, even from exotic countries (like the Chinese Mafia). As from today in its menu' availability, Italians have all the array's flavors of Mafias and organized crimes to choose from. What more Italian citizens can ask?

That's very sad.

The results of all these is: this city is becoming more and more unlivable for many of its own citizens. Some Naples's citizens had even bitterly thought, to just give up and leave it for good. What bitter and tragic consequential would be for this city, a mass exodus will definitively end its millenary cultural heritage.

As written in many manifests, appeared lately in many occasions:

"Berlusconi Saint now"

If he makes the miracle, of doing disappear all garbage from Naples.

The Italian Council of Ministers, headed by its Prime Minister "Silvio Berlusconi" has recently gather in Naples a few times, in an attempt to launch a strong signal to its citizens, -to finally face the challenges of Naples and its never ending garbage crisis, together with the emergency of the criminal organizations.

Watch this flash player video: Naples inside its crisis.

he pestering from the garbage's malevolent odors with the chronic lack of jobs, and not last, the afflictions coming from the Camorra's holds on the city, are spurring pro
tests of malcontent and rebellion. By now, Naples is reaching the point of exasperation where any possible raid can explode at every moment...

Let's hope that at last, someone will clean up all of Naples mess, even if this someone is a Berlusconi... it's about time. Then, I will be the first one to sanctify him. Of course if he will succeed!!! ...grim smile....

A very doubtful...Red.eVolution

You can read more here: Naples garbage crisis.

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David said...

I'm sorry to see this happen in Naples. I was stationed (U.S. Navy) at AFSOUTH from March of 1971 to April 1974. Within my first three months in Naples, we experienced a cholera epidemic. I will never forget how we had to boil all our water! I miss Naples, in spite of itself, I enjoyed my time there. Hope things work out with the trash pickup.

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks David, for your comment and concern in this matter. For once, I would like to see things working for Naples's sake. After all the bustle on the medias around the world, maybe, this time they will.

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