Monday, June 30, 2008

The danger of Islam: Sharia advancing in Europe.


Blocked from fear and multiculturalism, too many westerns are passively observing the advancing of the Sharia across all of Europe.

Islam splits the world in two parts: one part governed with the sharia, or Islamic laws, which is named Dar al-Islam or House of the Submission. All the rest is named al-Harb, or house of the War, thus named because is needed the war - the holy war, or jihad - in order to carry this last one to the house of the Islam. You can call it, cultural surrendering. The house of war is slowing taking over not only on the European case, but in many other cases worldwide, being systematically absorbed by the house of the Submission, "Islamization".

In these last years, a new model of Jihad has been introduced in order to take over "al-Harb". This new model is utilizing a tool called fatwa. Fatwa is aiming to the fundamental liberty of the Occident: the free speech. The Jihadists, or radical islamists have tried to extend their Sharia models inside the Occidental cultures by undermine the core of their fundamental liberties, with the call of fatwas upon those who have dared to criticize Islam.

In the beginning fatwa (a death sentence upon someone who is considered an infidel or a blasphemer) didn't meant to be used to hunt a man down, but as a response to questions about living everyday life in accordance with religious law. There have been many case in which the calls for a fatwa has been issued,
just to mention a few: the assassination of Theo Van Gogh in 2004, or the global waves of protests, assassinations, and vandalism following the publication of the satiric cartoons on Muhammad in 2005 on a danish newspaper.

In 2007, another waves of international Islamic commotions have been spurred by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks's controversial drawings, in which were depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad as a roundabout dog. For the definition see: wikipedia.org. The effect of those controversial drawings were an excuse from some ambassadors of Muslim countries, to ask for limitations on the freedom of speech in Sweden. Of course, there are others similar controversy, too many to be mentioned in a single post.

Any time that these free thinkers have tried to upset and shake the European's consciences to the dangers of a slow but methodically introduced Islam and its Sharia's laws inside the European's societies, there have been a mounting uphill of international pressure trying to silence and undermine Europe's fundamental rights, the right to think and criticize on which European nations are based. Removing these same rights, these radical Islamists will limit and
penalize Europe self-conscience on what is right and what is wrong, and that's what the Islamic fascists are counting on to conquer the European nations. Not by wars, but by the termination of theirs free and willing identities. Once these individuals together with their basic freedoms will be silenced, then the establishment of the "House of the Submission", or the Dar al-Islam, will be more exponentially. The Jihadests would finally reach their ultimate goals, an Islam with its Sharia's laws that will rule over all Europe and... the world.

My point is, the pressure utilized to silence Westerners free thinkers from those Islamic puritans, has slowly crippled them to the point of self-censorship. For the f
ear of some Muslim retaliation, many websites had refused to publicize images, articles, or movies (recently, LiveLeak.com has removed Geert Wilders' movie "Fitna", from their servers following serious threats to their staff and their families). Some time even editors of public medias have refused to publicize images, or articles criticizing Islam, with the motivation of multicultural respect for Islam.

In truth, this political correctness is slowly eroding the principles on what we all believe. While many of us are afraid of been branded as Islamophobists, at the same time that all this is happening, we are laying down our believes at the mercy of these barbarians knocking at t
he Westerner civilizations' gates. The silencing of these voices are obfuscating our own ideals. The Jihadests are reaching for the completeness of their schemes: Sharia laws been imposed on all the free societies.

That's what we really want? An Islam that
will devour the free world, replacing it with a brutal barbarism of theocracy and Sharia...


These are a few points of why we are in a mortal battle with Islam and its morality's laws.

A nation under the Sharia's laws means:

  • A society where homosexuals must be executed.
  • A society where unmarried fornicators are whipped and adulterers are stoned to death.
  • A society where death for Muslim and possible death for non—Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran and even sharia itself.
  • A society where apostates are to be killed.
  • A society where drinkers and gamblers should be whipped.
  • A society where allows husbands to hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives.
  • A society where allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge—physical eye for physical eye.
  • A society which commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off.
  • A society which commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated.

Our values, identities, and beliefs are been left behind unguarded at the mercy of these advancing Islam's cohorts, by letting them dictate us the way we are suppose to live and think. We can't surrender to these retrograde minds, we can't sell out ours identities and moralities, in favor of an archaic way of thinkings and discriminations, coming from an abominating Sharia-governed societies.

Maybe now, it's time to say...that's enough!


Recent intelligence reports include the following facts:

FRANCE: 1945 there were 100,000 Muslims in France, today it is officially claimed to be 6 million (60 x increase), 10% of population. But Muslims make up 70% of France’s convicted criminals in prison. Of the 1,000 Muslim neighbourhoods in France, 700 are listed as “violent”, 400 “very violent”. There are 1,000 mosques in France.

In France 95% of convicted rapists are Muslims, 85% of convicted murderers are Muslims, and 58% of convicted thieves are Muslims.

HOLLAND: Muslims are officially 15% of population.

BELGIUM: 10% of population. Half of all babies born in Belgium are now Muslims.

GERMANY: 2 million Muslims (Berlin has the 4 th largest Turkish population in the world.)

BRITAIN: 2 million (from 82,000 – 30 years ago - x 25 increase) British counter-terrorism experts estimate that there are up to 25,000 Al-Qaeda supporters in UK. 1,000 Mosques in Britain.

SWEDEN: 400,000 Muslims. Massive increase in anti-Semetic attacks on Jewish population in Sweden.

DENMARK: 200,000 Muslim immigrants are trying to dictate their anti-Israel, Anti-American policies upon the 5 million Danes. Although Muslims are only 4% of the population, they consume over 40% of the social welfare spending. They also make up 75% of the country’s convicted rapists.

ITALY: 1 million Muslims (In Italy Muslims make up 95% of all convicted rapists and 85% of all convicted murderers.)

Note that of 48 countries with a Muslim majority – 46 are dictatorships.

The Saudi Arabian government has financed the building of 1,500 mosques, 210 Islamic centers, 202 colleges and 2,000 madressas (Islamic Quaranic schools) in non-Muslim countries – mostly in Europe.

Security experts estimate that 5% of the 18 million Muslims now living in Europe are radical terrorist supporters and sympathizers, representing at least 75,000 to 90,000 potential terrorists within Europe’s borders.

And while the average European women has 1.5 children the average Muslim woman in Europe has 6 to 8 children.

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