Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A teenager called Du’a Khalil.

Honor Killings

On April 7th 2007, a young girl by the name of Du’a Khalil Aswad was stoned to death by a lynching crowd. Her agonizing death, was immortalized by a cheering crowd on their mobile phones while hundreds of men and boys were kicking and beaten her. Finally, she was killed by a concrete block which was dropped on her head. As a last offense, Khalil's body was buried with the remains of a dog.

You can read the entire story by clicking on the link in the end of this article.

Women treated as possessions in those parts of the world are a common conception, and most of the times women’s lives are worth less than a family honor.

Du'a Khalil: The price of her blood.

In the Kurdish newspaper Aweena, it was announced that the Aswads, Du’a’s parents, had accepted 40 million Iraqi Dinars as blood money in such a solih and had agreed to forgive the murderers. The Aswads have suffered enormously over the murder of their daughter, and no doubt they deserve 40 million dinars of compensation if not more; the Aswads still live in Bashiqa, and no doubt choosing to forgive the murderers is necessary for them if they wish to live peacefully in their community. In the aftermath of the murder, several Yezidi men were executed by members of Al Qaeda who have issued a fatwa declaring the murder of Yezidi as permissible. The Yezidi people have suffered a great deal of violence and prejudice since the stoning, and it is with this in mind that the solih was reached, with Christian, Yezidi and high-profile Muslim leaders working together to raise the money and to make the agreement to restore peace between Bashiqa’s ethnic groups.

However, on the scales of justice, the forgiveness of the parents should weigh nothing. Children are not their parent’s possessions...

The above is a portion of an e-mail I received from the International Campain Against Honour Killings. You can read the entire article by clicking on the link in the e
nd of this article.

The cruelty demonstrated by those blood-thirsty monsters on the occ
asion of the Du'a Khalil's murder, wasn't one time exception occurred in the human history, but as we all know, one of many countless atrocious acts perpetrated on the weakest of humanity in any uncivilized, or even so called civilized societies, in any given time, for any given reason (See all the genocides in human history, or all the murders perpetrated in the name of a religion, political ideas, economical interests, racism, and so on).

We, and when I say we I intend not just those men that are living in those 3rd world countries, but even all of us which leave in these modern societies with the false preconceptions that we are far better than those living in those retrograded countries where they value the worthiness of a human life (especially a female human life) less than an object.

Unfortunately, those predatory's animal instincts are an hidden part of the humanity heritage and these hidden instincts are inside in each of us, ready to be triggered when we find ourselves in particular moments of our lives, and those moments will acts as detonators on our subconsciousness to re-awaken those sleeping beastly instincts. No, humanity isn't perfect at all, we can deceive ourselves in the false believes that we different than animals, because we are smarter and we are an evolved species, we are "Homo sapiens".

In reality, that's a big lie. Indeed, we are worst than animals, because we are capable of committing homicides, as well, any other brutal acts on women, or on weak people. We use our own intelligences for perpetrating those horrific crimes on victims within our own species.


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Du'a Khalil, a young life cut short.

Du'a Khalil: The price of her blood.

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