Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home sapiens, a few miles behind their real evolution.


Home sapiens's counter-evolution.

Today, I want to tell you a story about chimpanzees which I learned a long time ago while I was watching a PBS's documentary. This was a documentary on chimpanzees living in Africa, and the researchers on this documentary where trying to find similarities with us by watching these chimpanzees in action.

Chimps R Us.

One time, as I recall from the scenes of this documentary, a male dominant chimp quickly snagged from the arms of a female chimpanzee her newborn, an
d without paying any attention to the cries of the chimp mother, it gather together with a bunch of other male chimpanzees to feast on the body of the newborn chimp.

Now, that was really shocking when thinking that those primates are a part of our ancestor heritage. In spite of the fact, that several million years ago our ancestors branched off from the apes, we still share with them some violent characteristics which are genetically encoded, deep in our own genes.

When those human ancestors were walking on a young earth, th
ose primitive humans probably did cannibalized on the weakest amongst them as did those apes in the documentary. On those remote times our ancestors did more than just cannibalism, they perpetrated more horrible crimes on the weakest of the people, for their insatiable taste of blood, and power.

You can say that's was in our past and now, now we are far better because we have evolved from our remote past. Today, only a few of us in our societies are capable of committing any criminal acts against the weakest part of humanity. We'll label those men as criminal
s, and we'll deal with them by isolating them as "bad elements" from the rest of the society with jail times. But, what about the rest of us, "the good elements" are we capable of committing horrendous acts against any other fellow human beings when we are put in particular situations.

I talking about human beings that have lived all their lives without committing any criminal intention, are they capable of committing bestial acts against their fellow human beings if, they are put in
situations similar to the one that happened in the Du'a Khalil's case?

My point is, are we completely sure that any of us won't act as bloody heartless human being, if he's enforced in situations where he'll lose the total capacity of rational
thinking. Will he, still be able to discern what it's right from what it's wrong when those malignant instincts, hidden deep inside hes subconsciousness will wake again under the pressure of aggression for power, dominance, money, religion, or whatever instigative motivations that in the end will act as a trigger in his own conscience by obfuscating its good moralities.

I'm not so sure about that! In all the probabilities, he as well all of us, we won't act any different than those men which committed that atrocious act on an innocent when ourselves are put in their same situation, because it is into our nature.

I bitterly believe we would, especially if we'll acts inside the comfort of a pack, like in a group of hunting animals, then our hidden animal instincts will implodes in all their ferociousness against any innocent victim, and not rationality whatsoever will stop us, thanks to those bestial instincts which are encoded deeply in our own genes, forever.

We are evolved intelligent beings with a dark site locked deep in a cor
ner of our subconsciousness, and we are procrastinating the reality of what we really are, to the future generations.

Of course, to keep locked up those animal's instincts inside us, we have moralities. Nevertheless, moralities aren't enough for us be completely immune at those evil
instincts. At any moment, they can surface transforming us in hideous monsters, unleashing all the violence we are capable of on other human beings, regardless of ours moralities.

Maybe in a couple of thousand years starting from now, we'll finally completely evolve from our past and present violences' history. Then, our societies in the future will really be free of any kind of violences and horrors, perpetrated in the name of false preconceptions, and beliefs.

A bitter...Red.eVolution

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