Thursday, October 16, 2008

In response to: Why do Muslims hate the United States. (part II)


Imran Khan
a Pakistani cricketer turned politician

Mr. Imran Khan: The underlying feeling here is clearly that the US only cares or acts when its own people are at risk. If these liberal, cosmopolitan women feel this way about America, how must those who do not benefit from the Western way of life feel?

Red: Mr. Imran Khan are you accusing the US of taking care about its own people? And so what! What's wrong with that? The same goes for Pakistan! It should care for its own people the same way the US does. And if it doesn't, isn't the US fault!

Regarding how are feeling the liberal, cosmopolitan women: from my point of view they are too young to be so cosmopolitan. I do believe their perspective of the world it's too narrowed, due to their young age. And that's because that in all probability their opinions have been tainted by others.

Mr. Imran Khan: In Peshawar, close to the border with Afghanistan, anti-war demonstrators fill the streets. They are driven by a sense of justice that is a fundamental aspect of the Koran. America may be the most powerful country in the world, but the feeling here is that this does not give them the right to act as judge, jury and executioner.

Red: Justice is intrinsic to the Koran! Yes, you are right on this one Mr.Khan. Tell this unrealistic concept to those women from that video, tightly dressed in Islamic fashion. There is a justice for them too, or they are too low on the Muslim social status's world? I don't see any real justice especially for those women dressed in burkas! Or maybe I'm wrong? Maybe they enjoy walking around dressed like ghosts while some bearded Muslim cleric (in white pajamas) is maneuvering them, under the spectacle of the television cameras.

Mr. Imran Khan: As far as the international press is concerned, there is a lot more mileage in stories emphasizing the extremes and differences between cultures, instead of what they have in common. The result is often a misunderstanding about the true nature of Islam. People in the United States tend to equate Islam with Fundamentalism, but, for many Pakistanis, Islam gives them a direction in life, helping them to come to terms with their harsh, often poverty-stricken reality.

Red: Yeah, one more time you are on the spot Mr.Khan! This is a gift for the international press, these images are emphasizing the extremes and differences between cultures. I hope will never be a kind of society in the Western hemisphere, where the diverse of society and the women will be treated like second class citizens. Islam help Muslims with their harsh, poverty-stricken reality? Maybe if Islam wasn't in their reality, maybe these poor Muslims will have better chances in their lifetimes.

Mr. Imran Khan: In this part of the world, the spectre of the IMF looms large. Even the poorest street traders in the country’s capital, Lahore, know what the IMF is, and who is at the helm. “The IMF is America. America tries to control our economy through the IMF,” comments one shopkeeper. Pressure from the IMF has forced the government to raise utility rates frequently, with devastating results. It is in the impoverished rural communities that the effects are most clearly perceived, with many unable to afford food and basic health care.

Extracted from wikipedia:

The number of IMF member countries has more than quadrupled from the 44 states involved in its establishment.

Red: I don't get it! If the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is so bad for the people, why then more and more nations are joining it today? It's more like that nowadays every single nation is benefiting from this organization, except Pakistan!

The IMF is America. America tries to control our economy through the IMF,” Wait a minute something is really wrong here, if the IMF is really America what the hell are doing all those 185 country in it?

Extracted from wikipedia:

The IMF describes itself as an organization of 185 countries (Montenegro being the 185th, as of January 18, 2007), working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty.

Maybe, those 185 nations enjoy been mastered by a single nation such as the United States. C'mon, be serious! How can one single nation even if it is so powerful like the United States, be the IMF
all by itself.

Mr. Imran Khan: As the state system crumbles under the pressure of its debts, the vacuum created has been filled by others. The poor are turning to the religious schools, or madrassas, which are often breeding grounds for a more intolerant version of Islam. Unsurprisingly, their influence is strongest where neglect and poverty are most pronounced.

Red: How many version of Islam do exist in the world? Sometimes I got the impression that there is one of it, for every single season.

Anyway, I don't blame the poor for turning to the religious schools, or madrassas. But the point is, why then they turn their violence against the US, or any other Western nation? They should revolt against their own corrupt leaders. As a matter of fact, I know that a lots of money have been channeled into Pakistan by International Aid agencies, to help jump start the Pakistan's rural economy towards a more vibrant and modern economy.

If those in charge of Pakistan's destiny are corrupted, or incapable to manage the economy of their country it's their leaders fault, not the US, or the rest of the world's fault!


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