Friday, October 17, 2008

In response to: Why do Muslims hate the United States. (part III)


Mr. Imran Khan: The attacks of September 11 were universally condemned throughout the Muslim world, but America’s reprisals against Afghanistan have changed everything. The fundamentalists now occupy the center-stage. How did Islam get hijacked in this way? Is it only America to blame, or have the values of Pakistan’s ruling class also played a part in fomenting resentment against the West?

Red: And I agree with you on the condemnations and supports showed after 9/11, by Muslims throughout the Muslim world. However, there were reports of some celebrations for what those Muslim martyrs had done in the attacks. And also, there were some groups and individuals which had accused the United States of bringing the attacks on itself, because of its international policy. America’s reprisals? What should have done America in your view Mr.Khan! Maybe in your mind, Americans should had forgot the well over 3.000 thousands dead and try to dialog with the terrorists in the hope that Americans wouldn't had screwed with the Muslims' feelings.

And in response to the, "America’s reprisals against Afghanistan have changed everything": before September 11, terrorists radical Islamists were already committing terrorist attacks on inert targets all over the world for the past twenty years. How America’s reprisals has changed everything?

Please, not find excuses for the acts of their cowardice. September 11, wasn't the beginning but it was the highest point of the Islamic fascists' fight against anything that differs, or crashes with their beliefs.

Mr. Imran Khan: This fascinating and highly resonant report goes a long way towards explaining the problematic nature of the relationship between Islam and the West. It is a schism that developed long before the bombing of Afghanistan, and is likely to take even longer to heal.

Red: No at all. "This fascinating and highly resonant report" doesn't explains the fears of the innocents been blow up one day while they are going to work with a commute train.

"The problematic nature of the relationship between Islam and the West", isn't that problematic at all. What Islam wants is
problematic, but for the civilized nations . Islam is a culture of death which wants any human being that breath in this planet to be submitted under its malefic influence.

And this schism as you call it, wasn't created by the Westerners willingness. And it to be healed isn't up to the West world but it's up to the Middle Est world by eliminating all the fallacies of a not so benevolent, and tolerant religion such as Islam.

Peace be with you Mr. Imran Khan.


I will conclude here by saying this: It's like that all the misfortunes of Muslims is to be squarely blamed on American/Western nations. Instead of putting the blames on their own political elites in power and on their religion of peace for all the miserablenesses they are suffering from, many Muslims like to keep blaming others.

In fact, the populations of many Muslim nations rather then pick up the pieces (after their dictatorial constrictive systems had failed them) by making a fresh start in working harder to achieve what they have missed because of a broken social system. And maybe then, Muslims will get some possible alternatives for a theirs brighter future.

Instead, these Muslim populations prefer to keep themselves as being seen the possible victims of a hypothetical American/Westerner's malefic conspiracy, only to keep the poor Muslims, "miserably underachieved".

And yes, Islam is the main reason for a majority of Muslims living under the poverty line, because of the Islam's regressive force.

If only Muslims could stop their blaming game on others, and would not pay attention to a non-existent behind the scene conspiracies against them, then in all probability they will be able to find the real culprits of their miseries, and perhaps once they will do that, even find some real possibilities to improve their meager existences. And if they don't, then they will get stuck with their miseries forever while the rest of the world will elevate itself towards the stars.

I know this my post is getting way too long, but I wanted to add one last thing, a personal reflexion on the United States policing the world.

I don't like the idea of any nation that raises itself as the guardian of the world's peace. But, if wasn't for this superpower (the United States of America) to keep an eye on arising problems in the troubled areas of the world, we would have had more devastating wars by now.

I know that this my next concept could seems a weird one, but I'm going to write it anyway. Even though, for many people the US are an imperialistic nation that are colonizing the world not through the means of its military mighty, but through the means of its economic power, and yet, I still prefer a nation like the US to be the prominent force of the world.

Why? Because if it wasn't the US, then who else had by now filled the role of superpower! The Soviet Union, or perhaps Nazi Germany, or worst the communist China. I bet radical Muslims would had preferred a Muslim/Arab nation, like the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, Iran, or even better the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For sure, we wouldn't have had now an imperialistic nation which hegemony is based on a purely economic power such as the US, but instead our lives will be driven by a tyrannical regime which strength will be based on military power.

I know that none is better than any, but never been in the human history a time without a prominent force that was driven the world's fate.

So which one you prefer? An imperialistic one like the US that through its economic power influences events throughout the world, or one based on the military force like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, communist China, the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, Iran, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or any other tyrannical one which will dramatically
effect lives on a vast scale!

May peace be with you all.

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