Monday, May 18, 2009

A new economic rating for nations is needed.


A new economic tool for rating the economy status of a nation is needed.


Italy has the third public debts in the world, but still it is managing this crisis fairly well. The reason is: the public debts' data alone doesn't tells us much about the true economic health of a nation.

In fact, Italy has better standing on the private debts than the United States, meaning that Italian banks and industries are far less financial indebted than the American counterpart.

As a matter of fact, better readings for a correct interpretation of the true economic strength from nations is needed. The creation of a new form of indicator which will accumulate the private debts of a nation together with its public debts. Consequently at the creation of this new indicator which will consolidate the two debts in one single reading. Then, and only then, we'll have the correct economy's health of a specific nation.

For sure in this new rating system the United States will scores much worst than Italy, and that's why these two nations in the face of this economic crisis are performing differently.

As proof of the economic performance of these two nations, I'm adding two links where you'll get some more infos:

Is Fiat buying Chrysler or Opel or both?

Everyone Wins in a Fiat-Chrysler Deal.


The past United States' political system has failed its own people by far. Today, after the election of Obama as the new American President, there are some American conservatives which are afraid that this Obama's Presidency will change the American economic system by creating one which will resemble more to a socialistic system and less of a capitalistic one.

Now, Obama has vowed for a new plan to repair and to revive the American's shattered economy. A new U.S. political system which is more inclined towards the people and not towards the rich. How bad that will be if that will ever happen, for the people of the United States?


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