Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A personal analysis on a pernicious disease. - Islam, the end of many cultures.


Despite the fact that the Arab world is geographically positioned side by side (even though is physically divided by the Mediterranean sea) with the European continent, since historically it has always been, the antithesis of the European Christianity and its many cultures.

The culprits of these constant alienation and confrontation reside for the most part, inside their own archaic Arabic cultures, and most of all, in their religion of nearly-peace, "Islam".

Nowadays, these fundamentally different models of cultures have collided in confrontational manners. All this difficult situation was created by far, with the help of European's fanatic visionaries on a new era for Europe. Their personal ideas on a new Europe with their wrong ideologies and their theorizations on multi-ethnic societies came to life, when they thought, the time was right...

Multiculturalisms, a new trend for European cultures to commit suicide?

As from today, it is very hard to foreseen the outcomes of all this mess created as result from national multiculturalisms been forcibly melted into single identities under the banner of, "globalization".

Threatened by big masses of Muslims entering Europe's borders together with the backwardness of their so called, "religion of peace" Europe is today on the verge of been conquered without a real war going on.

Islam has greatly failed its own people. And now in this modern age, it has become a latent infection for the rest of all free societies. Already, Islam is ready to spread its malefic influence toward anything that divert from the Koranic teachings.

When Islam comes to dominate other cultures, those other cultures are often destroyed.


Potentially the mere existence of this pestilential malignancy can be a dangerous downfall for all the progress made by the free minds belonging to all the mankind, during its long journey throughout its history of discoveries and enlightenments, for the sake of human evolution.

All of these advancements, created after centuries of human struggle to free itself from its own chains of darkness and ignorances, and today this progress, is in danger of been annihilated by a regressive force such as the Islamization of all the European continent and following the rest of the world.

After all the struggling from our dark past, what we are getting today are many humanitarian reforms, and most important freedoms. The freedom to express freely our thoughts without the fears of reprisal and persecution by an uncompromising Islam.

Now, what I am afraid of is: free thinking being banished or ostracized from society by unmerciful Sharia courts alongside its deleterious Koranic's laws!

Islamic devotees (mostly the fanatic wings of Islam) have been trying more and more, to push Christian nations to become Islamic nations.

Islam is a religion of peace and to prove it we'll kill you!

A religion which was and is, endlessly nurtured and worshiped throughout the centuries by those fanatic and extreme adherents of this brand of religion which was named, "Islam". Now it is pushing even harder to proselytize more believers in its ranks, to ultimately render more fertile for its sustainers to reach their prefixed goal, the Islamization of the old continent, and later the entire globe.

In Euroland, an out of time and out of touch religion together with a bunch of retarded Koranic laws which will stain in the long run even the already existing cohesion with other cultural diversities.

Nefarious schemes has been perpetrated by these Islamic, "enthusiasts" infiltrated in the European soil which are already portraying gloomy scenarios under the shadow of rigid Sharia courts.

Europe has the right to preserve its identity, and not to be watered down by sentiments for multiculturalisms!

Differences between conservative Islamic values and Europe's traditionally secular liberalism are been daily tested inside the European borders. Exacerbated continuously by cultural sensitivity and by short-sighted and sometimes too zealous European politicians, as end result, European citizens are becoming more wary of the continuous Muslim's mass immigration into the heart of Europe and their presumably full integration with the rest of the native populations.

How all will end?

All will end with the creation of a fully reformed Islam that can coexist peacefully with the European values.

It's that really possible?

I wish, I can live long enough to see that happen. Because differently, God helps Europe!



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