Friday, May 8, 2009

Of when I was living in another dimension.


Today I want to share with all of you, a weird experience I had in my past.

Did ever happen to you, to apparently live in another dimension? This weird experience happened to me more than once, but if you ask me how many times it happened, frankly, I can't answer it at all. I never ever told to anyone about it, for the simple reason it was a real weird one, and besides I was afraid I could end up in a psychiatric ward.

Now, what this experience was it's very hard to tell even today.

Here I go:

I remember in the past, to have had some unusual feelings when they were less expected, and all of them happened indifferently in the daytimes and as well in nighttimes. Mostly, they were sensations of temporary living in another dimension, a dimension in which I didn't belong.

All of those sensations were happening when I was in a sort of dreamlike state, and even though I consciously knew back then that I was fully awake when they were happening. In those moments I felt like I wasn't in my body anymore, but I was living in somebody else body. Also in those weird moments, I had the clean impression that all around me was from an alien ambient, like I wasn't anymore on earth but in a bizarre and strange planet.

Another thing which hit me about those moments was, when they were happening during the daylights they felt more real to me. The brightness levels of those days were so blinding and painful to watch, like there was too much light been emanated from the sun.

Also the people around me looked so bizarre, so alien. They all looked luminescent and almost transparent, sort of evanescent beings. Even physical objects appeared to me weirdly. I felt that buildings around me had real bodies and souls, like they were breathing organisms. At the same time to my eyes, those buildings seemed that they were been slanted out from their equilibrium points.

In addition to that strange atmosphere, I didn't fail to notice the air which was getting in my lungs was filled with more pure oxygen and it was much warmer than usual.

At times in those moments, I was really terrified. I had the clear sensation that something awful was going to happen. Despite the fact that I wasn't feeling any pain, I was afraid that I was dying.


Why I was so scared that I was going to die, in such beautiful and not easily explainable days. I couldn't answer my own question. Fortunately, I knew in those awkward moments that they weren't going to last forever.

Five minutes, maybe half of an hour, or maybe two hours passed before everything ended. Exactly, I didn't know how long they lasted but eventually they always ended, although, the rest of those particular days went on like nothing ever happened.

Today, I can't still figure them out the whys and wherefores they were occurring to me. Those unusual moments were for me sort of out of body experiences.

Maybe unknowingly, in those strange days I was in the verge of some serious illness. Or maybe those weird moments had something to do with my body's chemicals balance.

On second thought I believe, on those weird moments I was really been transfered into a parallel dimension by some evil Martian.

But, despite the fact that they are unpleasant moments to remember even today, ultimately I prefer to remember them as some kind of spiritual events.


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Anonymous said...

ok that sounded temporarily for u , but what if someone lives like that on a daily basis , i know someone , how does a person get there in the first place , is it a mental disabilty ??????? you got me , still cant figure it out ?????????

Anonymous said...

I think you mentally thought you were there. Your brain can be amazing sometimes. But the reason I think it's mental because people experience similar things with LSD or dmt. I'm not saying you used these lol.

Anonymous said...

I had something like this happen to me... I still don't understand what really took place. As someone with experience in mental health, I had a hard time explaining it. I don't even feel comfortable sharing it.

Anonymous said...

You Belong With Us My Friend

Anonymous said...

you must have tooken something and drank it then you feel like you are in a strange world

Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like Astral Projection.

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