Sunday, May 3, 2009

Islam and multiculturalism - At what price the cost for freedom.


I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!

Can the above quote from the French philosopher Voltaire, be applicable in cases such of those Islamic extremists that are shouting in any possible occasions all their intense hate toward anything that differs from the Islamic teachings.

When the freedom of speech becomes freedom of hate?

Ah, the joys of multiculturalism together with the freedom of speech. Lately, I have seen and heard it over and over again in many news.

Indeed, in many rallies and marches of Islamic, "cowards" which are using our same rights and our same beliefs solely to smear their willful contempt and hate on our own faces.

See how much proficiency these fanatics are putting when using the same free speech which they hate soooo much!

Next is an extract taken from the dailymail.co.uk:

'HE is the coward for mocking victims of friendly fire': Families of dead soldiers react with fury to Muslim hate preacher's taunts

By Andrew Levy and Paul Harris

The families of soldiers killed by friendly fire in Iraq have reacted with fury after a firebrand preacher taunted them over the deaths of their loved ones.

Anjem Chourdary added insult to the injury caused by Islamic extremists' hate-filled protest against soldiers returning home from the war-torn region by saying they were 'not heroes but closer to coweards who cannot fight, as their uncanny knack for death by friendly fire illustrates'.

The three soldiers to whom he was referring - Privates Robert Foster, 19, John Thrumble, 21, and Aaron McClure, 19 - were killed in Afghanistan in August 2007 when an American F-15 jet dropped a 500lb bomb on their position.

Choudary's extraordinary comments were delivered hours after Muslim protesters waved offensive placards as members of 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment marched through Luton.

The preacher, the right-hand man to cleric of hate Omar Bakri, went on to attack the 'vile' parade. He said the soldiers were 'terrorists', comparing them to Nazi troops who 'cannot be excused for simply carrying out their duty'.

Fanatic Muslims are the enemies within European and American's borders, and even though they are a minority of big masses of Muslims settling in Western nations, they have an extreme interpretation of Islam. Besides lay the rest of the Muslim communities, and I don't know if these communities really are wishing to be integrating parts of these free Nations. But, in the other hand they want to change their close societies to same images and similitudes as dictated by their sacred Koran.

I want to make this part more clear by telling you how much they really want to assimilate within the host countries by telling you something about these processes of assimilation. I live in the US, and in front of the apartment from where I live every single day I see, a door open and a flock of women all rigorously dressed in black chadors swarms out from that door.

Unfortunately, fanatics of multiculturalism are putting today the all of European and America's nations in danger of becoming lands of many sharia courts and... worst! And because of their blindness in the multiculturalism, they are unknowingly injecting a Trojan horse into our countries (Islamization through big masses of Muslims of entire continents).

Of course, I want to make clear a point before I do go ahead with this post of mine. I do believe most of the Muslim community are not terrorists and hence peaceful people, but by allowing big masses of Muslim immigrants to settle in Christian lands, indiscriminately and without much limitations they will in time change the fabrics of those same Western Democracies.

The cultural heritages of those Christian Western nations (which are spanning back thousands of years into human's history), in time they will lose their original make up and they will become something of opprobrious and of foreign characteristics to themselves and their original inhabitants.

Right now, many free (for the time being) European nations are harboring within their societies a malignant tumor, ready to spread to the rest of Europe and later destroy everything that we all love and appreciate, meant, "our own freedom".

Today, nations such as the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and many more are becoming sort of trampolines ready to launch an assault to the rest of Europe, and later in all probability the rest of the world.

Did I said enough nonsenses for today? Swell, that wasn't my intent. In fact, I wanted to stir some concerns on the matter of criticize Islam.

Freedom of expression go to hell!

Why so? Because after the Durban 2 conference, to criticize Islam will be a dangerous matter for many of us, naturally if a Muslim request will pass.

The UN assembly is considering a biding resolution urging member states to make a crime to criticize Islam. The so called, "Anti-blasphemy resolution" is a resolution sponsored by (guess who?) a block of 57 Islamic countries (by the way, you'll find no democracy whatsoever in this block), which have pushed hard this biding resolution to pass at the United Nations for combating defamation of religion. If passed this resolution, it will be very heinous. Then, it will be a crime to write a book, make a movie, or even criticize a religion. And guess what? Islam itself would be the main beneficiary of this biding resolution.In fact, it will be immune from future criticisms.

Freedom Under Fire: U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Resolution - With Christopher Hitchens

Yet, I don't get it! I called Islamophomic if I criticize Islam.

Why I am Islamophomic, if I criticize Islam. Islam is not a race but a religion (and besides I don't even believe it is a real religion at all) and nevertheless just for the matter, I do criticize my own religion when it needs a good dose of criticism. Why I can't criticize Islam? What it has of special from the rest. Maybe is because Islam is an oppressive and despotic regime under false pretenses of, "a religion of peace".

In light of what I was saying before regarding the Islamic extremists, I should still have the same rights as those, "bastards" in matter of free speech. Particularly, when I call them fanatic cowards,or when I say that Islam is bad for humanity like a malignant tumor.

Am I wrong?

I want to conclude all this by asking a final question. Can Islam really co-exist within a free and democratic society?

No, I don't think so.



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