Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The roots of Muslim hostility and rejection toward Western cultures


Once thanks to Islam, Muslim civilization may have achieved great importance in economic, literacy, scientific and mathematical discoveries. But in this our modern world, Islam has only greatly impaired much of Muslim aspirations into a deepening inferior state of decay.

In fact, the conditions in which some Muslim nations are living in today, are based on social and political foundations dictated by a retrograde and undermining force such as Islam. An Islam, which with its restricted malevolent and contort vision on the Muslim world, is indeed, incapacitating any single Muslim nation to fully develop into modern and vibrant societies.

At the present time, many in the Middle East are blaming Westerner ideologies and influences for their lack in achievements. But, what about the simple truth! The simple truth that the lack of freedom inside these Muslim nations plus a guiding force such as Islam which may be the main culprit for their diminished strength in world stage importance.

The separation of Church and State.

Religions should be excluded from running national affairs, and nothing sounds more true especially when comes to Islam. Indeed, in the case of Islam without much exaggeration I can affirm that the more Islam a nation gets and the less freedom this same nation will get. And unfortunately, that's what is really much happening in the Middle East nowadays!

Muslims' afflictions.

An apparent imposing Western presence with the additions of growing awareness of the weakness, poverty, and backwardness from within the Islamic world when the same is compared with the advancements of a progressive Westerner hemisphere, it has in the end helped in creating a rising tide of rebellion against this so called, "Western dominion".

Some Muslim's distresses, are being currently manifested with extreme hostilities toward everything that looks, smells, and sounds of Westernized. And even though some Muslims are currently living in Western societies, they are incapable to accept their values, and as a matter of fact, with their vivid desires to reaffirm and reestablish an Islamic greatness and values, these extreme Muslims are even trying to destroy their hosting systems by replacing them with the one that they had just left behind.

There was a time of when many Muslim nations (thanks to some enthusiastic Muslim reformers) tried to emulate Westerner societies by importing and installing models of democratic imitations inside their own societies, hoping to elevate their depressed realities toward better conditions.

But them, had miserably failed because they were partially, or wrongly applied, or because very few were the beneficiaries involved in the (back then) innovative processes. In fact, Western models for those Muslim nations were just simulated models which in return brought them more poverties and tyrannies.

Of course, there can be many others explanatory for Muslim hostilities toward Westerner cultures. But definitively I'm not an expert on the subject, so that, in this rather reductive considerations of mine for the lack of Muslims achievements, I would conclude them here by saying: it isn't even so surprising that many discontent Muslims were willing to listen to those voices from radical Imams which were telling them that the old Islamic ways were the best and that the only ways they had left were to throw away those infidels' introductions from the reformists and go back to the true path that Allah through Islam and its prophet Mohamed had dictated for them...

...and that Islamic fundamentalism can't be the only one that have been incorporated in the traditional Islam, but nowadays there are other movements which are more open and more tolerant. And ultimately, those movements could help inspiring (like in the Islamic civilizations from the past) a new Islamic Renascence, that could give to today's Muslim masses some inspiring tools to achieve their wishes.

Since those innovating processes failures, many years are passed. And yet, mostly of Muslim states are still ruled by either a ruthless repressive or a deeply theocratic regimes, coupled with their millenarian Islamic cultures which only breed poverty, lack of education, and total despair in both urban and rural parts of most Muslim countries. Those factors are in fact in the very end, what have really created a danger mix of Islamic fanaticism and terrorist activities.

Let's all hope that some illuminated Islamic movement which professes the use of reason and individualism above old traditions and religion will succeed, and it will bring about many humanitarian reforms inside Muslim societies.


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