Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tears and blood in Iran for freedom


A six and half months of clashes after a suspicious tainted election that has divided the nation of Iran, where is taking now the green movement with its civil protest?

The Iranian clerical regime has been telling its own people that foreign forces are fomenting the opposition movement, but the people of Iran doesn't believe in it anymore. One thing for sure, the Iranian people have had enough and wants now a change on the top!

Even after the conservative Islamic cleric dominated state has been taking steps to restrict the flow of information to the outside world (especially with the usual banning of the foreign press), the Iranian people have found ways to communicate and let us know their current situation, with a flow of crude images of beatings and murdering.

The Islamic Republic of Iran moving toward a procrastinated destiny

Are these protests taking Iran to a new Iranian revolution? For the time being this is not a revolution, or maybe it is the start of a new one! Well, we'll see how history will play it out... For the moment what we are witnessing is, a regime that is oppressing its own people with brutal forces by operating its own repressing mechanisms to prevent the reformist movement from freely express their dissent for the lack of justice and freedom in their own nation.

Humanity can't be chained and restricted from its own freedoms for very long, and because of its inherited condition of being born free, humanity, soon a later will rebel with excessive force to its own tyrant.


IRAN - Road to Freedom

Looks to me that since this world came to be doesn't matter what part of it an individual lives in or what religion he practices in it, but when comes to personal freedoms any single individual living in this our planet will fight his oppressors with last of his remaining forces to defeat them!

Bella ciao, Iran

We, the people of the free world are with you in your fight for freedom and democracy.


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