Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When a blog dies out...


When a blog is left to die out because of the blog's author vanishing in the nothingness, no eulogies or flowers are left on its tombstone to purposely mark its premature dismissal, but just a veiled sadness left to commemorate its sudden abandonment... nangih Indeed, there are no written excuses to mark its death or any other signs of termination which could tell us a bit more on the reasons of why this blog is not longer kept breeding new posts!

Hmm... maybe all the above sounds a little too melancholic and a bit poetic (probably too much, eh? busuk), but it's OK. Indeed, I've never considered myself to be much of a pro. I'm just an average blogger... maybe even less than an average blogger (below mediocre would've probably been more than adequate to describe my real capability in blogging).

Anyhow, lately I've been checking some blogs and I've noticed that many of these blogs haven't been any longer updated by their original authors. Of course, I don't know the whys and wherefores of these bloggers giving up on blogging! I just can speculate on the reasons that brought them to their final decisions. However, I must admit that their act of desertions make me feel a bit saddened sad. The act of giving up on their own passions, makes me reflect on my own passion for my blog.

Having the right mental attitude before creating a weblog plays a very large role in its future success. Many people just build a website and expect to get fast results. Unfortunately, they don’t get their much hoped results very quickly. The bottom line is that they become disappointed very soon and decide to quit.

And consequently to all the above, I've been thinking of various possible reasons on why blogs die out, and I came out with a few concise and succinct answers on this matter.

The initial impetus for blogging was suddenly stopped after bloggers couldn't find any valid reasons to keep on going. Following I've compiled a list of possible reasons for quitting from blogging:

  1. The lack of a proper planning

    Bloggers will find soon enough how inconspicuous their efforts can be, if they are launching their own blogs without much of a proper planning ahead of time. In fact, a proper planning before starting a blog seems to be one of the main mistakes for a blog failure among various reasons.

  2. The lack of good quality contents

    Another reason is the lack of quality contents, or the complete lack of any (bad or good they could have been). Attracting a readership is very hard without valid contents and running out of them it is sure death for blogs. Also selecting a topic (a single topic is better) beforehand, that alone could really help in focusing into which path a blog should move.

  3. The lack of motivations and therefore loss of interest.

    In the beginning we probably started very enthusiastically our own first blog, and our enthusiasm could have lasted anywhere from a couple of weeks to two/three months, at the most not more than six months. What happens later is, a decreasing in our appetite to blog. Most of us discover how hard can be blogging for a long time, and without a prompt remuneration (it can be monetary of even simple appreciations) to our efforts, we are more prone to easily quit. A not responsive audience to our postings could very well deplete sooner or later, the necessary attention to help ourselves focused on the main task of writing and thus keeping our blogs alive. Little earnings also could well translate in loss of interest.

  4. Little monetary profits

    Money, could very well be another motivation for people to stop blogging. But in reality to get back some pay off from our hard work while blogging, takes a lot of dedication and even a lot more of our time involvement! And of course, a lot of people are not willing to waste all of their times in something realistically considered too unreliable as a source of their main incomes.

  5. High expectations

    People usually make blogs thinking to be ranked among the very best, sooner than they thought! Although it’s not bad to have such high expectations in the very beginning of blogging, for certainty, their initial enthusiasm could well had met some initial failures resulting in disappointments and dissatisfactions. Especially, when a partial or total lack of traffic to their blogs will deeply frustrate their initial expectations. However, the important thing is not to get frustrated by the very first blog's failures, like in the case of an absolute absence of devoted affectionados (followers, fanatics) of any blog, but then, try to keep the right mental attitude to overcome any potential aversion during this yours (and mine) long traveling to become a successfully elite blogger!

No! It isn't my blog obituary (yet angel)...

In my case, my blog isn't dead! I just struggling to keep it alive, and I must say I starting to feel it as a lost battle already.

The reason? I've been trying harder and harder, to squeeze out some more juice from my poor brain to get some fresh ideas in creating new posts for my blog, but nothing seems to come out from it anymore. In truth, I'm getting physically and mentally very tire. Right now, too many things are going on my personal life!

Most likely, one day I'll simply disappear (like many other bloggers already have done it) in the dark of the night without leaving behind any trail of my presence in this ethereal world called, "blogosphere" but my lonely blog... What sadness, but c'est la vie (that's life!).

Is all this endless blah, blah, blah of mine a pre-posthumous goodbye? No! It is for now a simple, "au revoir". Hopefully, I'll be back very soon.

In conclussion, a couple of footnotes for some potential ideas on future blog's posts:

Sometimes, I start to think about all the time I have devoted to this blog which I could have well spent in some other more remunerative activities duit.


How and when we get to be professional bloggers, and if someone (probably sitting in the Olympus's Mount among the other Gods) will tag us with some sort of honorific label with written on that we've been elevated to be among those glorified elites of the blogosphere setan?


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