Monday, February 8, 2010

Some generic thoughts on the elites of the blogsphere


~My two cents on the elite bloggers~

I may dislike some elite bloggers, especially those bloggers whose blogs are mainly focused in topics such as: how to make money with a blog. With the exception of a few like Problogger, which (are maybe) be doing some good job in really helping other bloggers to achieve better quality blogs, just for the passion of it. Others, such as JohnChow and similar, which (I think) are doing it expressly for the love of money (but at any rate good for them).


Because I feel like they are preaching from their high pulpits to a public of mediocre bloggers (like myself).

These so called, "pros" are always ready to dispense advices and tips to help improve our performance with our blogs. But are they really helping us, "the mass of mediocre bloggers" achieve want we want? Its like they are giving to the blogger community something back with their expertise, but to me they're not really doing that... If they were, don't you think by now the blogsphere would have been full of professional and wealthy bloggers?

What they are really doing is to help themselves to climb the mountain a bit higher by getting more exposure in the blogsphere thanks to us, "the common mortals" You may say I am envious at their success. Of course I am not! pinokio Ok, maybe a little bit I am. Besides, there another motivations for me to dislike some of them.

Sometimes, they may make us feel sort of outsiders or unfits in being parts of this virtual world, incapable to even manage our own blogs because we are a bunch of retards.

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What I’m on about is helping bloggers to not only be profitable and have traffic but to build blogs that have profile, influence, authority, credibility, respect and a brand that opens up opportunities beyond quick profit.


Good blogging creates authority, plain and simple. Writing consistently about your area of expertise makes you an authority figure within your industry and niche.


It’s much slower and harder with an authority blog to develop traffic as you have to be more choosy. It’s not enough just to do linkbait or SEO tricks, you have to attract the right people and delight them with your content so they subscribe and come back.


To some, all that may sound rather they're helping themselves in inflating their egos and increase their wallets in size. Anyway, who in the hell put them in charge into telling us what to do with our own blogs! Who are these people?!? Its like that they are telling us what to do with our personal lives.

Beyond my area of expertise

When I went to check on some of these, "professional" blogger's sites, I didn't fail to notice that while these blogs were getting getting tens if not hundreds comments for each of their articles, guess what? When I went to check the blogs of their commenters, the funny thing was that these same commenters while leaving their comments in those elite blog/websites (or whatever they are) what most of them were getting in their own blogs were... zips, nada, nothing. Some others were getting one or two comments, and a very few luckier even some more comments but nothing on the same scale which these, "elite group" were getting.

Really funny, isn't it?

And as final thought: it looks to me that these elite bloggers are mostly centered on purely profits and traffic for themselves rather than helping anyone else! banyakckp

What's your thoughts - have I been enough controversial with these all my blah, blah, blah? bisingSignature


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