Monday, July 19, 2010

Unthinkable - What means to be human?


A couple of nights ago I watched a movie which in my humble opinion is one of the most thought provoking movies I have seen in many years, Unthinkable (Unthinkable is an American suspense thriller directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss - and if you like, You can read the entire plot here in the Wikipedia).

By just watching this movie many of us will be put in very conflicting debates. Some of you could even see it as an anti- Muslims movie, but I don't see it as such because I believe it makes us reflect a little more on the real nature of humanity! It makes us ask questions like: is it morally permissible to commit terrible atrocities on other human beings when a given situation arises?

Anyway after watching it, I couldn't refrain to ask myself some moral questions like: how far I'm willing to go to save millions of lives by just using brutal methods to obtain vital informations without losing my own humanity?

Or could I keep more easily my own humanity and thus my moralities, by letting those millions to die of a sure death? What I meant is: let those millions be lost but at least I could have kept my sanity by not torturing those two poor children, after done with their father.

To be able of choosing and later to justify one of the above solutions, I do really need to be totally desensitized on the matter (gosh, what a horrible thought gelakguling ).

Unthinkable Trailer 2010

This, "Unthinkable" movie poses a moral dilemma: how much someone is willing to reach a point of pure cruelty, by inflicting unimaginable pain to his/her procrastinated victim and his family in order to save a few millions?

In fact, This movie put a nude a simple truth! We as human being, are indeed capable of unthinkable acts of horror by being torturer, judge, and executioner of a human life, without respect for any morality knowing that if, when we weren't capable to react with necessary inhumanity to an imminent danger, later, we'll have to face tragic consequences because the lack of it (inhumanity).

In normal situations (as we like to think) we can be moralists and judgmental, but put ourselves in a tragic situation that demands some atrocities from our part in order to save many other our similar, then, our morals will for sure perish in this inconceivable (in normal conditions it would be inconceivable) process.

Final thought:

What will be left inside of us when it has been devoid of any trace of morality? What we will become? Of course after those terrible acts will be consummated, what we'll be left of us would be empty shells completely denuded by any sign of human decency.

Yeap! In a plain and simple way we'll be more like beasts, or worst, atrocious things hah walking on this earth.

In similar circumstances what you would do?Signature


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RD said...

I guess you are right. I am yet to watch the movie, but what you talk about here makes a lot of sense to me. Humanity & 'Inhumanity' (as you chose to call) just goes ahead to show how far but how similar we are to the animal species.

There's another word that you haven't mentioned here - 'Justice' which kind of balances both emotions. It's simple. When you kill a family to save a village, it is justifiable. You are a hero. At the same time, if you kill 1000s because your lover was murdered unnecessarily last year, you have done an unpardonable act of injustice. That’s about it.

Nice article though.

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks RD, for leaving a comment on this uneasy topic.

No isn't it justifiable or morally acceptable, but it is unavoidable. And I do not believe either that anyone in the right mind, after been put in a such dramatic decision will feel to be called a hero.

The last part of your comment about the 1000s killed because of your lover got murder last year, of course it's unpardonable act of justice. You kill a thousand because of one single individual, even if it is your lover... that really has nothing to do with saving anyone!?!

P.S. sorry for posting your comment this late but I've been kind busy lately

Thanks, Red

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