Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Death by stoning - Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani


Muslim women in some strict Islamic countries, are submitted to absolute male dominancy. Women are treated like they were properties of authoritarian fathers, brothers, husbands... and when they do rebel to their masters, they are harshly punished. It's even worst if they dare to commit an adultery, because they will pay with their own lives with one of the most brutal method of execution coming from the dark ages: the stoning!

There is no end for the calvary of women in the Muslim world

In Iran, a 43-year-old woman Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was condemned for adultery to death by stoning. This woman has already been lashed 99 times and jailed for 5 years. Thanks to international pressures, Tehran has put the plan on hold for now. A final decision regarding Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani case is still pending, and it's possible that her sentence of death by stoning could be changed to death by hanging (a more human punishment gile) because of her (allegedly) involvement with the death of her husband.

In this very moment, there are at least another 10 women in Iran's jails waiting to be lapidated to death for adultery.

I watched a movie a couple nights ago titled, "The Stoning of Soraya M" and it was based on a true story. There is the stoning scene which was very disturbing to watch. When I saw it, it felt like a punch in the stomach. I must confess, afterward I felt disgust and outrage marah, for the despicable act from those cowardly dogs against that woman!

Here is the trailer I got from YouTube:

Trailer: The Stoning of Soraya M

That's how nicely women are treated in rigid Islamic societies

Meanwhile, in western nations most of the Muslims living there are refusing to conform and adapt to the new standards of living which those same nations are offering them. In the same time the most radicalized part of these Muslim communities are feeling the need to replicate the same conditions of miseries, poverties and inequities (especially for women) and want to import into these same nation with their, "religion of peace" a pure product of evilness - Sharia's courts with all the inhumanities of their Sharia's laws.

If we give into the demands been made by these fanatic extremists, you can imagine that consequences will be catastrophic because of the collapse of those ideals on which these democratic nations are based.

I wasn't sure to put the following video in this post (maybe a little too excessive gigil ), but maybe it can make us reflect in what we have and in what we could get if we let some Muslims have their ways:

EUROPE vs ISLAM : Decide NOW before it is too late!

At a time when Islam is viewed by westerners as a religion of extremists, the stoning or even the hanging, of Ashtiani will simply reaffirm that view. Unfortunately, there isn't much of reasoning with some Muslims. They are too impervious to the notions of tolerance, political freedom and free speech, and because they just want to keep their authoritarian way of life over their women, these will firmly hold on their barbaric traditions for a very long time.Signature


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MissMP said...

I couldn't imagine being in a woman living in such a society. Even in America I still sometimes feel the pressure of the gender gap between women and men as men being treated as the higher quality of the two. I recently watched Sex And The City 2 and the girls travel to the Middle East and they make a joke of Miranda being arrested for having sex in public. In reality she would most would have mostly likely faced a serious threat of imprisonment if not death... not simply being charged full price for her hotel room as the so laughed it off in the movie. There will always be people in the world who thrive off of their dominance of others.

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks MissMP for leaving a comment on this uneasy topic.

And yes I am a man, and worst a Sicilian man.

Over twenty years ago I was living in Sicily. Back then, men were wrongly inculcated in believing that they were the bosses and masters of their women (luckily today, things have radically changed). I didn't grow up with that kind of mentality, just because, culturally I had the advantage of getting better educational knowledges.

Thanks to alternatives I was able to get along the way, my attitude toward women wasn't of a high being dealing with a subspecies but of an equal partner in life. Alternatives such as getting a college degree, travelings a lot abroad and thus getting to know other cultures. And finally, a particular thanks to my sisters and my lovely other half, for having taught me that men aren't the dominant parts of humanity and that women are not the subordinate parts of it.

In conclusion: they both should respect each other without looking into gender differentiations, but equally live their lives on this world which belongs to every creature without distinctions whatsoever!

Isn't that too much to ask to the men! Is it?

(P.S. this is a small part of a piece I just started to write for a new post)

Later, I plan to visit and leave a comment in your blog.

Thanks, Red.eVolution

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