Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A post-apocalyptic Europe - The Chernobyl disaster


When the Chernobyl's nuclear reactor disaster occurred on the 26 of April 1986, I was living in Italy at that time. Back then, I knew it was a terrible accident. What I didn't know at that time was: How bad was it?

Today, many years after (even thanks to YouTube) I find out the total truth about the Chernobyl power plant disaster. In fact, it was bad very bad! Much worst than what was reported at that time by the worldwide news media.

It was the classical nightmarish dream that most apocalyptic visionaries have repeatedly (even though, under many forms) predicted to occur in our future, but that time it could have been for real! In fact, after the first explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there was the possibility of a more catastrophic second one.

This second explosion could have been triggered by the tremendous amount of heat generated by the first explosion of the power plant. Once that heat reached a critical point, it would have managed to crack the cement slab of the same, and subsequently, only a 400 kg of uranium and graphite mixture would have been enough to heat the water beneath the nuclear reactor and create a chain reaction which could have set off the devastating second one.

In all probability, it would have been equal to a gigantic atomic bomb with the force of 3 to 5 megatons. This last explosion would have been accompanied by terrible shock waves and a massive raise in radio activity. As result, It would have claimed thousands of lives in a matter of hours.

Without much doubt, the last explosion could have very well resulted in extensive damages for all of Europe. So exceedingly large that it would have completely destroyed Minsk (a very large city located at 320 kilometers from Chernobyl) and rendered most of Europe an uninhabitable place because of the nuclear radiation fallout.

I posting here only 1 video from YouTube (the one related to the second explosion), because the entire documentary is a ten videos long (too much for a single post).

Chernobyl disaster (Ukraine 1986) part 4 of 10

If you wish to watch in its entireness here is the link to YouTube for the 10 videos documentary: Chernobyl disaster (Ukraine 1986) starting from part 1 of 10.

Of course it didn't happened, but it could have well happened! The risk of a second explosion was for real, and the consequences to it would have been unthinkable. Just imagine what would have been a post-apocalyptic Europe today! Mostly, it would have been a contaminated wasteland by very high levels of radiations.

I must say that I never been fond to the idea of nuclear energy, but I've always accepted it as as something unavoidable. Now I am completely oppose to it! Even when the experts of the nuclear field are telling us that with the modern technologies, the new generation of atomic power plants are very safe.

Because, even when there is only one chance in one billion that in a nuclear power plant something goes terribly awry and it could cost the life and health of millions of people. All that it is for me already more than enough to not want them anywhere.Signature


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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, i cannot help thinking that the Fukushima disaster is much worse than Chernobyl though.
I can only imagine how much radiation is spewing out of there.

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