Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apparency of things versus their true quality


We live in a world where appearances matter more than qualities... It's sad but true! We are all easily deceived by the beauty of things and never go to the point of their true qualities.

An outer visual appearance of something or anything (this may be a non-animated object, as well be a living thing), has more importance than its true inner quality.

Of course, beauty is a quality by itself - it gives pleasure to the senses.

However, beauty and quality hardly ever go together. Because it's a formula that won't mix very well to combine a good final product.

Now, as a case in point, a very attractive or seductive looking woman, plus a good intellective quality (all that won't ruin the entire package. Will it? sengihnampakgigi) it's very hard to find in a single soul. Of course, it can (rarely) happen.

Another case in point is when some of us are easily infatuated with a fancy car - but what about the functional part of it? Will this fancy car take us safely to our destinations, or if it will work flawlessly without giving us any kind of trouble during our journey?

Probably, it will not without the functional qualities!

As you can see, beauty isn't synonymous with safety and reliability. Beauty is an optional not a requirement, in the other hand quality it is. In a real world quality should come before beauty, but that's not always the case.

The qualities of being dependable and durable in a car, for some people aren't first priorities. Appearances are on the top of their personal books.

For people happens the same thing, particularly in working places. If a guy or a girl, isn't visually very appealing, even though he/she possess qualities like knowledge or skills for a specified field, he/she will always come after the good looking guy/girl.

Unfair, but that's how the world goes around. Appearence has its own privileges upon a quality. A product or a human being is and always will be evaluated first by its appearance and later by its quality/capability to perform or produce.

After all, we all are after the beauty first. If we deny it, we are just plain liars.Signature


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Stephaine said...

I agree!
I guess that is something universal, we look into how the things look like before thinking whats inside and how it works...
I'm not saying we don't think first, what I'm saying is that it's human nature and its initial reaction, something that is already there and no need to think about it..

Red.eVolution said...

You're right. It is in the human DNA to look for the beauty on things first, and after if any, for their qualities.

Unfortunately, only beauty won't take us anywhere.

There will be always a price to pay, if we limit our judgment only because we are relying on beauty and not in their true contents. In fact, the efficiency of things (we are talking here even of people - not just things) will be the first casualty.

Thanks Stephaine,

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