Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why God, why me?


Today, I would like much to entertain all of you in a long and very futile conversation on God and his preferred creation, a true product of perfection: the human being.

In this passionate and mindless conversation of mine, would I try to unravel the eternal and yet unsolved mystery on the human creation (if indeed there were any?).

Not, no really! It will be a simple questionnaire on the human existence and its earthly sufferings - and it'll be mostly based on the questionable rhetoric from religious teachings regarding its condition and existence in this planet, or it'll be more based on rationality nerd?

Maybe it will be a mix of both or else? At any rate, after that I'll be done with all of my nonsense, we'll see what will come out (hopefully everything will make sense gile).

Why God, why me?

Throughout critical circumstances of my life, I was often used to cry:

Why God?
God why me?
God why I have to suffer?

...and of course, the most obvious one:

My God, what I have done to deserve it?

...I was looking very hard to find some answers (any answers) to questions from a God, who never gave any.

Today, in trying to help myself to find some answers, I'll use a kind of very eccentric criterion. In this criterion to formulate this my naive and somewhat crazy assumption, I'll be using (as usual) solely my incorrect reasoning. - Duh! eek

My religion has taught me, to invoke God in times of misery and sufferings by looking hard inside my own soul, my own spirituality. However, in the end, because my invocations were left unanswered by an indisposed God, and hence I felt alone and miserable. Consequentially, I was always led to the less spiritual part of myself, my brain (gelakguling), in order to get some comfortable answering.

Maybe it's that there aren't really any valid reasons or religious explanations, for the existence of humanity or its sufferings? They are just there!

Perhaps, the human being was just dumped on this lonely planet not by a supreme being, but rather by violent random acts, which were generated from a constant expanding universe?

Do I have lost my faith, and thus I became an atheist or worst a sinner nangih? Maybe I have, or perhaps it's just that I'm still searching for a tiny speck of evidence that God really does exist?

After all, the perceiving and understanding for the mystery over the creation of mankind, isn't it perhaps an integral part of an elevated and rational mind? If yes, then why we need the help of a monotheistic religion (setan) while coping with our daily doubts and misfortunes?

P.S. Gee, I've just realized that this article comes with too many maybe and also many question marks! I'm really sorry for all that.Signature


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