Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yahoo, its public forum, and Robert Bentley apologies


Yahoo News

Yesterday after I read an article on a Yahoo news, I tried twice to post a personal comment, and both times it was rejected. Thereafter, I got very disappointed! I couldn't understand why it was rejected. Solely, after I re-read the comment a couple of times I realized how simplistic, foolish, presumptuous and naive it really was...

Here a short extract from that article:

Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians

By BOB JOHNSON, Associated Press Bob Johnson, Associated Press – Wed Jan 19, 7:41 pm ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Two days after being sworn in as Alabama governor, Robert Bentley apologized Wednesday for proclaiming to a Baptist church audience that only Christians were his brothers and sisters and vowed to work for people of all faiths and colors.

His comments Monday shocked and offended some believers of other faiths, but the backlash didn't seem to be a serious political wound for the retired dermatologist and Southern Baptist deacon.

(If you would like to read it in its entirety, here is the link: Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians)

note: because of Yahoo has replaced the article with a new one, I giving you now a new link: Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians

and here is my comment:

Why don't we start another war in the name of a God?

In conformity with our consciences and our personal beliefs, why don't we start another war by the name of our God or any other God?

This can be another of those perfect occasions (found right here, in this Yahoo's public forum) to start a new holy war between religions and civilizations.

Even though I am myself a Christian, I totally disagree with his untimely comments.

We must look at the fact objectively!

He can be as much as he likes a Christian, but only when he is in his private... If wants to be a political figure, he should discard his beliefs so that he can manage public affairs in a fairly balanced way.

We must learn from history!

Don't ever mix personal beliefs with politics or in a long term what we're going to get will be nothing but troubles!

For example: look at those Arabic countries where Islam has been, or it is an integrated part of their political system. Those same nations are now partially if not totally failed States!

The United States are modern and civil societies, just because, our political systems have been freed by ideological corruptions and religious poisonings...

Don't let religions be part or even to influence partially our political decisional affairs, ever!

All the above made me think really hard on the nature of my blogging experience. Especially when I want to run a blog, I should be more careful on what I write. Even when I know that I'm posting anonymously, I should be more considered with my opinions, be a bit more responsible, weigh the words that I use because I never know what damage they could cause.

Of course I can come out with some excuses, like I am not a professional writer, or I am not that smart gile and so on. But in the very end, none of them are valid excuses because of the commitment I took when I decided to start a blog. Particularly, toward any possible reader I had to be: responsible, frank and honest, not disregard blatantly what I wrote because that could lead me toward some unpleasant consequence, don't post any demented nonsense (Ok, maybe some gelakguling ), and finally be balanced on my judgment.

I know! I am not that perfect nerd! Nevertheless, I'm trying to be the best blog writer I can be.

Now, going back to the comment I tried to post on Yahoo, I believe it was misunderstood. The first part of my comment wasn't an incitement to violence, and surely it wasn't a call for a holy war, but I was simple trying to be sarcastic on that argument!

Regarding the last part of my comment, where I wrote about Islam been an integrated part of the political systems in all the Arab countries, and that they are partially or totally failed States. The only reason I could think of, is that Yahoo got overly scandalized about that remark?

Right! Like the Alabama governor, Robert Bentley with his untimely comments I should now prostrate myself and apologize.

Alright, maybe I was a bit too crude and abrasive on the last part of my argument, but that it is so true! Islam isn't towards the Arabs that much beneficiary! Is it? Most of the Arab populations are uncultured, underdeveloped and generally poor.
That's why some of the Arab prostration, may lead some of them in the becoming Muslim fanatics, and therefore, in the name of Allah, martyrs = terrorists!

With that last part of my comment, I was trying to point out, the importance of separation between church and state as happens in any modern nation.

Now, I sorely regret to have written such stupid nonsense tumbuk. Even though, they were all insanely irresponsible statements, Yahoo should have posted it anyway... Even when they were that bad, stupid and careless, and let decide its readers if they were worthy of some consideration takbole! I'm not trying to be controversial, neither to criticize Yahoo for its decision, but this is what I firmly believe in: the freedom of expression even when it isn't so pleasant or too foolish.Signature


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