Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some things are worth fighting for - worth dying for


They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Freedom!

I was thinking to start my posting again by writing something like this: It has been a while since my last post, and I want to apologize for that! Shamefully, I should totally blame my lack of appetite for blogging not because of shortage on valid materials, but rather on my mental fatigue.

ou see, hasn't been an easy task for me to post every other day. It has never been!

Today, I'll try to jump start it again by writing something, anything to revamp my old passion for blogging. Hopefully, this trick will restore it.


However, later I got to read an email from my contact form, which had a positive impact on me. These're the kinds of true incentives, which could help myself in going on with my blogging passion.

First I want to thank publicly Stephanie, for leaving a nice comment into my contact form:

Hi - I just wanted to say that I love your blog because these are the things that also interest me. I have long been a fighter. And have long had the misfortune of trying to understand people - why does the gang member stay, why does the mafia rule, why the Taliban and the KKK - where are the Good people who wish to fight for what is just and kind and important?
I don't know. I find myself repeatedly helping people to get up and out of their situations only to find them running back to what they know even if it destroys them. So Hats Off to people like Rita Atria - Viola Liuzzo - Madge Oberholtzer - And so forth and so on.
I would rather be a martyr than a victim, an accomplice or a pawn. Some things are worth fighting for - worth dying for. Thanks for sharing

My answer to this latter was:

I'd to wade through a dozen of email scams before I could get to a genuine one, yours! And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my hearth.

Now more than ever, I believe that these are the kind of comments, which may be worth the time I've spent for posting into my blog.

I totally agree with your concept, be a fighter rather than submit to inequalities, injustices, iniquities and so on... be a martyr than a victim, an accomplice or a pawn.
As you have mentioned my dear friend: Some things are worth fighting for - worth dying for.

Thank you again,
Red.eVolution encem

I end this here, by re-proposing myself again with a regenerated determination on keeping going with my blog and the promise to write more on subjects such as the lack of equality for some sectors of mankind, its unfairnesses, its morally objectionable behaviors and anything else pertaining with these matters.

Thank you all


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Anonymous said...

Hi Red Evolution,

I'm always interested in reading your posts and I'm glad that you decided to write again because it's interesting to discuss about this items with you.

A presto! Anna

Red.eVolution said...

Thanks Anna for the kind words.

Right now I'm delaying with my blog postings because as you may have noticed, I've moved my blog to a new custom domain, and I'm trying to fix all the links plus a couple of other issues.

In addition, I'll be moving all my js' and css' files to a new hosting server.

As you can well see, a lot of work lies ahead of me before I will resume my postings (hopefully, it will take a couple of days').

Thanks again

michaelbaysucks said...

"be a fighter rather than submit to inequalities, injustices, iniquities" , something so true...

There's such a thing as sin of omission, where you almost become the accomplice by simply allowing the bad stuff to happen, and not standing up for what's right and true...

snowdogg plows said...

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