Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The world viewed through the eyes of young minds.


Something that I wrote when I was in a particular mood.
I not pretend it to be a poetry, either to be a poet.
It's just a way of expressing myself.


When we are young, we are used to see the world around us, with the eyes of a fearless hearts.
As result we are open to new challenges, in our road a vast open wo
rld with unlimited horizons, this world always ready for us to be explored, always ready to new adventures, ready to new discoveries.
Accidents won't stop us, we keep inquiring because it's in our nature.
Recklessness, sometime extremes recklessness is our battle emblem, even when it's what gets us in troubles.
We lack of experiences, so that are prone to mistakes.

Every day is a different one, every new day our world is filled with new excitements.
Our strength of young minds won't stop us even when we get hurt, but in the end, all these will help us growing up in a world of forth comings.
That's our world, a world viewed through the eyes of young minds.


This topic is open for young and not so young open mind.
How many of us, have in some point in time felt the need to write a poetry, or something similar to it?
Now, you have the chance to post it in this blog, add your poetry in comments section, latter I'll post it here.

Next posting: 9/11-The day the world realizes, the unimaginable was happening!

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