Wednesday, December 12, 2007

9/11-The day the world realizes that the unimaginable was happening! (first part)


This post is a tribute and a reflection of the 2,749 people who died in New York on 9/11/2001 victims.

I still have vivid memories of that mournful day. That day was a close call for my family. The dreadful day as I recall:


Brooklyn-September 11,8:30 a.m.

I just had woken t
o another daily working routine, my family had already left for their daily incumbencies, and I'm getting ready to go to work. After fin
ished washing myself, now dressing up while sipping some express Italian coffee'. I remember while watching outside my window, that day wasn't anything like the usually New Yorker Autumn. That day was at my eyes so majestic, the sky was so clear and the color was the kind of blue which reminded me of my beloved Sicily in the spring time. While my thoughts were lingering on that Brooklyn view, I couldn't help to notice that the leaves from the trees were still green, there were no sign of Autumn appearing on them whatsoever.

I was living at that time in a second floor apa
rtment, and the view from there was so incredible, I could even see the Verrazzano bridge. Nothing could cross my mind, that something horrible would e
ver happened "while watching that peaceful view" in a few minutes. In my morning routine never had the time to watch the morning news, I don't know why, but that day without much thinking, even though I was getting late to work, I decided to turn on my TV. While watching the TV news I wasn't really paying much attention to it, my thoughts were more on the day ahead of me . Slowly my mind started to focus on the news anchor, while he was reporting an accident to one of the tween towers.

Brooklyn-September 11,8:45 a.m.

One plane had collided into the
World Trade Center’s North Tower. The images that were coming out from the TV screen, were not really focusing on the back of my mind, I thought it was just an accident as the reporter was telling at first, but then, the scenario changed abruptly and now as I'm watching the news coverage a second airplane had crashed in the second tower.

I recall my mind got locked in a loophole while it was trying to figure o
ut what was going on. Was that for real, or my mind was hallucinating while desperately my brain was trying frantically to find a possible answer to what seemed so unreasonable. My brain came out with a feeble solution, that what I was watching that moment, in all probability was a movie. But, that thought didn't match up with the TV's morning schedule. In fact, in the mornings there were not movies scheduled in the TV's morning hours, but news, only news. Now, my brain was hampering more desperately for a possible solution to, a question that was out of reach.

The anchor man voice was now getting more frantically as the images were changing from second to second.

Now, something snapped from inside me.
I had to change channels to see that everything was as expected as in the normality. God, I couldn't find any working station. "Something was really wrong," now I started thinking while pushing buttons more fast, but in the end the only results that came out from all the frenetic pushing was only one channel, the same channel I started with. All my links to the world was that channel "which was CBS channel 2".

Tragedy strikes the towers.

I can't recall how many minutes passed by, when tragedy struc
k one of the tower, the time seemed to stand still.
Something indescribable was happening in front of my eyes, loud sound were coming out from the screen while that tower was collapsing rapidly in itself. That image, put my mind in a state of fast forwarding/rewinding thoughts, in splits seconds my mind was traveling back in time, recalling all the things related to those towers, I have been in those towers so many times for work, or pleasure, "I even got some pictures of them, pictures I took while I was already living, and working from one year in the States, in one of these pictures I'm standing at the bottom of one tower with my family" I was in a total shock, I could not believe that was really happening.

Things got even worst when the second tower collapsed.

Now I was in a total conf
usion, my mind was bubbling with questions while my I had forgotten completely about my job, and my day ahead. All my worries were now all focused on this immense tragedy.body was frozen in a still position.More bad news were coming from the TV, now a third plain crashed in the Pentagon, more minutes passed as a fourth plain crashed in a field in southwest Pennsylvania. "What was going on is the world gone insane", I was asking myself. The nightmare was getting worst by the minutes. I realized that moment, three of my brothers were working in Manhattan.

In the previous attack on Februar
y 26 1993 a truck filled with explosives, had det
onated in the underground garage at World Trade Center in the North Tower, and one of my brothers was working there. What I didn't know on September 11 2001 my brother Mike's firm had moved him to the building number 7, in the year previous to all this happening. My mother didn't know either, she had left work, as soon she got the news from relatives and friends.


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